How to open two side by side views of a figure without the uv editor in one of them.

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This is maddening! How can I get two viewports onto the same figure without one of them having the uv editor in it. I've just spent more than an hour trying to figure out how. Why isn't basic stuff like this in the manual?


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    In upper left corner of the uv view theres a text "UV view". Click on it and you will get a menu from which you can change the view.

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    Just a quick note, if you look at the bottom left of Ben's screengrab you will see that he has the 2 view side by side option selected. Also, the 3rd icon from the right will scroll straight on view and angle.

    Here's a set of tutorials you might like to have a look at (Danny of CG-Dreams), 26 short videos explaining just about everything you need to know to get started with Hexagon -

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    Thank you, Ben and WDJ. Soon after I posted the message, I tried not right clicking, as is normal with windows interfaces, but left clicking. Normally in a windows interface if a line of text is left-clickable, it will have a dropdown box. It would be great if over the 10 years that Daz has owned Hexagon, they would have unified its UI with their other products. Hexagon is powerful, but for me, is difficult to use and hard to figure out.

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    I found the easiest way to learn Hex was to work my way through Gary Miller's (and others like Danny's) tutorials, and familiarised myself with the UI and tools. These project based tutorials (series 1 to 4) are amongst the best I've seen -

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