Carrara 8 Render Node not working



  • apxh_dcfac9098fapxh_dcfac9098f Posts: 4
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    So I went to open Carrara 8 on my windows 7 and it keeps opening the Rednernode software. Why is that?

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    apxh said:
    So I went to open Carrara 8 on my windows 7 and it keeps opening the Rednernode software. Why is that?
    If you installed them to the same folder that will happen.
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    With Carrara 8, Windows 7, on all machines

    This is what I did to make my nodes see by my host application:
    - Make sure both the main application and the render nodes are same version (latest)
    - 4 advanced definitions in windows firewall, on host and slave machines: Open ports 5020-5080 in TCP and UPD, entering and outgoing,
    - Open the ports 5020-5080 on my rooter (Forwarding/virtual server, on my TP-Link)
    - Disable my anti-virus, it had a firewall of its own

    So with all this, IT WORKS :)

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    I am running Carrara 8.5 on a 64bit Win7 machine. I have 4 other WinXP 32bit machines running the 32bit versions of Carrara Render Node and the Render Nodes Manager on my Win7 machine recognizes them all without issue. My 64bit Win8 laptop running the 64bit version of Carrara Render Node will NOT show up no matter what (even if I turn off the firewall) BUT, if I uninstall the 64bit version and install the 32bit version on my 64bit Win8 laptop it magically shows up. So, there was no change to my network, only the change from the 64bit version to the 32bit version for the Win8 on earth can this be a network issue? What difference is there between the 64 bit version and the 32 bit version that would cause it not to work and then to work? FYI, the laptop is the only machine on wireless all the rest of the computers are hardwired, but again I just don't understand what is really going on.

  • JonstarkJonstark Posts: 2,569
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    Sounds like there's something wrong with the 64bit render node. But I only render on my laptop, not connected to any other computers, so I honestly can't confirm. Hopefully someone else who has set up a network including a 64 bit render node can confirm this.

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