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    Dart - I don't feel let down or left out or anything emotional about what Daz does or doesn't do with their business objectives. My take on it is that producers produce what is in their rational financial interest and I as a consumer buy what I consider to be in my rational financial interest. Whether this is a pair of shoes or a piece of software. It just so happens that I am not in their target market for content, so they are not producing with me in mind. They have many, many more customers who are - so be it!

    I am disappointed that they don't see it worth their while to continue to develop Carrara, Hexagon and Bryce - mainly because I have a reasonable knowledge of these products, so could assimilate new developments easier than learning other products. If they don't see it to be in their financial interest to develop them, well, there are other products out there to replace them, which do have what I'm looking for. That is not an emotional decision, simply a rational consumer decision.

    As for Carrara's rigging system - I'm sure many users do like it - I don't! It is, for me anyway, probably the world's simplest to set up - after that, it is the world's worst to get working well on complex figures. But that is only my opinion - and I'm sticking to it :)

    @ faba -now that is what I call a character with CHARACTER - what you and Stu do in this line absolutely amazes me - that is the sort of work I'm aiming for :)

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