Problem with SDK samples

Whenever I try to run anyone of the sample applications I get an error message. It basically says that Visual Studio was unable to run the sdk_sceneinfopane.dll because it's not a valid Win32 application.


  • Well, it isn't an application - it's a plug-in library.

  • I was wondering why I was getting this error and what I could do to fix it. The solution builds perfectly, however, when try to run it I get the aforementioned error. I'm guessing it has something to do with the linking phase.

  • What Richard said is precisely correct. It is not an application, it is a DLL. A DLL does not exist by itself, it is linked at runtime by an actual application, namely Daz Studio.

    Copy the DLL you just built into Daz Studio's plugin directory. When Daz Studio starts up, it will load all of the plugins in that directory.

  • Much appreciated guys.

  • Good luck, I hope you are successful with whatever you are building.
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