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Hello!!! all in the title... sometimes, I have a very very long time to save a file, in C8pro... at the end, it works, but it is a matter of 30 minutes, to say the less.. I suppose I have a corrupted something somewhere... any idea? thank you!!!


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    HI Celmar :)

    It would help if we knew what you were saving,. EG: a cube,. or a scene with multiple figures, plants terrains etc..

    Depending on what's in the scene, it can take more, or less time to save all of the items.


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    Saving and loading is MUCH faster if your scenes are saved UNcompressed....

    I believe Carrara's compression is essentially the .zip format. You will see larger scene files but your in/out times should be greatly improved (also communication with any nodes in a renderfarm).

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    30min is extremely long...

    Make sure you have at least 20% of all involved HDD free. If at anytime your HDD is over 80% full it is time to clear it off or get a new HDD....

    Saving over USB2 is slower than slow. If your runtimes are stored on an external USB2 drive (like mine are) they will take longer to read. If you are saving projects to that same drive it is even worse as read/write together are really atrocious on USB2.... It's suitable for mice and keyboard strokes, but a large scene (especially Genesis, which has been discussed appears to be saving all its morphs with the scene) with clothes and dozens of 4k texture maps all saved internally.... Under normal operations it is very possible to ask Carrara to compress a 3GB zip file across a USB2 connection.... you get the idea.

    Consider saving all textures externally. I'm not sure what to do about Genesis file sizes - there needs to be a way to purge out the morphs you don't need but I don't know how or if it's actually possible....

    Sims are also very large to save (but potentially better than recalculating).

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    That's where I have been so stubborn with going the SSD route, especially for a primary drive. I like to keep a clean workshop, sure. But I also make some really large files all the time. I would rather save to my primary drive, and then move them afterwards. So I am using a high throughput, low rpm 1.5TB as my primary drive. I heard that Windows likes to have a lot of room. I do too. So then I just add necessary drives to the system for cleaning this one out to. The lower RPM, high throughput Seagate is still at 6GB/sec... which saves pretty fast. I'll have to try the no-compression method once. All of my files are saved with compression, and it does take time. But I don't mind that much, most of the time. Yeah... 30 minutes is just wrong though! I get anomalies now and again, where Carrara feels like it's done... and just hanging there. Seems even more so on 8.5 than 8.1 though. I don't think that 8.5 is quite as stable as 8.1 either. But I still like it better! Weird = me, eh?

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    thank you for your answers!!!
    I have re-open the files in zbrush, as all my meshes are modelled in zbrush, and "crease" them, and cut all the unnecessary parts, and the saving in carrara get back fluent and easy... as I work mainly with zbrush and nurbs models, in rhino, I have sometimes in my scenes one "bugged" item, and it's difficult to know which one... I would be extremely interested by a "doctor" plug in, saying what is wrong in a scene, wich object is the black guy...!!!

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    It's been suggested that the thumbnail render is a major contributor to the slowness - I don't know if reframing the sceen so it shows only a simple element (drop a box in front of the camera that you can easily delete on loading for example) would help then.

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