UV map preview (seams!) for modifying clothing textures for Daz3d

Is there a UV map preview tool (that can also help check the seams align) that you recommend for modifying clothing textures for Daz3D? 


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    Iray preview mode works for me

  • try UVmapper pro.


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    try UVmapper pro.

    UVMapper Pro hasn't been available for years.

    @inacentaur, You can view the UVs by selecting the object in the scene and then selecting the material zone(s) in the Surfaces > Editor. You can use any screencapture utility to capture and save that view.

    There is also UV Tailor, which will allow you to save the UV image in sizes up to 4096 pixels from inside Daz Studio. It is limited to the size of the texture, however, so if the texture is 1024, the maximum size of the output will also be 1024. With one material zone selected, you can save just the zone you're working with, or select All. You can include the texture or not, and set the UV grid lines to black or white, whichever shows up best over the texture.

    You can then open these UV images in your graphics program to create your own images, and use the grid line to help line up the seams.

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