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Daz isn't finding my content.
I have it installed in F:\Daz Studio 4\content and F:\Daz Studio 4\content\data

When I click on Genesis Victory, it says the files aren't installed or can't find 'em

IS there any way to make Daz3d recognize all my content and load it
I passed the directories in the Content Manager and it doesn't seem to help
Help !


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    data is a special folder, so you shouldn't install things to that (or to any folder inside Content, assuming that Content is the folder you have selected as your content directory.

    What do you mean by Genesis Victory? One of the Victoria shapes for Genesis? One of the older, non-Genesis, Victoria figures?

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    So my path should be F:\Daz Studio 4?. I guess I should reinstall everything from scratch ? I mean Genesis Victoria.
    Would then all my files be found by Daz ?

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    If your running Windows7 your install patch for all content should be
    C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Daz 3D\Studio\My Library

    If its on an external drive then it should be
    F:\Daz 3D\Studio\My Library

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    It does not need to be in 'My Library'. It did not need to be in 'Content' in the past. Pick or create a folder and point both the installers to it and Studio's Content Management Directory (both DS Native and Poser Formats).

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    there are two directories when you install daz studio 4

    1. directory for "daz studio 4 application"
    (default C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D (64bit))
    (default C:\Program Files(x86)\DAZ 3D (64bit))

    2 "contents directory" for daz contents (figure, texture, etc )
    ("daz contents folda" means same folda )

    Do not make "daz contents direcotry" in your "daz program direcotry".
    if you do that, it is better Uninstall daz4 and reinstall again.

    check it

    after you remove daz 4
    check it

    if you Do not make "daz contents direcotry" in your "daz program direcotry",
    actually you can set "contents directory" where you want, and you can set name freely.
    "Mylibrary" "mycontents" or " dazcontents"

    but it is better for you
    just install defalut directory if you are not familiar about daz folda system.

    I do not know your daz studio version, and what figure you want to load,
    if you want to load V4 M4 , you can not find in smart content view.
    you can find them in "content library" tab.
    check this video.

    I hope it help for you.

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