How does one learn to be a Carrara programmer?



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    In addition to learning C++, you will also want to learn about matrix and vector math. It's not difficult, but it's often barely touched on by the typical college math sequence, (at least back when I went,) so it took some getting used to. Carrara, and indeed all 3D programs will use it heavily to manipulate coordinates, and it's likely your plugin will have to do so as well. The Carrara API will do most of the hard stuff for you, but you will want to be familiar enough to know when it's needed, like when transforming from global to local space, or moving things around.

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    thanks brianorca, I'll put that on my list to learn as well :) Holly I finally went and started a Carrara Programmers group on the Cafe, though I didn't have much to contribute yet :)

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    Do we use the 8.1 SDK or is there an 8.5 SDK out somewhere?

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    The SDK has not been updated - keep using the one for Carrara 8

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    Fenric said:
    The SDK has not been updated - keep using the one for Carrara 8

    Thanks :)

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    I just finished the HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery courses at

    While most of it was review, I did pick up some useful tips. More-so though, it helped solidify for me the concepts of OOP and "this" used in a number of languages. So I am grateful for that. Took a couple of days. But I really liked their practice area, the pace, and all but two exercises out of 300 were logically written without any flaws or confusing elements.

    So if anyone asks you where's a good place to start to learn web design, or programing in general. I'd say is an incredibly quick free option.

    In two days, you too can be programing client-side dynamic responsive websites of your own.

    They've also got a section for python which I am looking forward to completing.

    I mention this, to give a taste for programing, as well as the JavaScript section does a great job of going over, functions, loops, variables, arrays, objects and even object classes. So in a couple of days, you can get a solid taste of what programing is all about.

    Good luck out there everyone!

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