second gtx card no longer showing up in daz3d (it does in GPU-Z)

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Hi all,

I have a GTX 1080 Ti and a GTX 980 Ti installed.

i started up daz and noticed my render setting pane was gone from docking.

I redocked it and gone over the settings and saw that my GTX 980 Ti isn't showing up anymore.

It's also not showing up on the settings tab of Nvidia experience.

But when i load up GPU-Z it does see both cards.

Any one knows whats going on?

WIndows 10 (up2date)

Experience software:

Driver: 419.72 (using this driver as it's working best and most stable for me, As i had some issues with driver setting before where i wasn't able to render OOT hair, as it was falling back to CPU)

Thanks in advance.




  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 6,846

    Two main possibilities:

    • Experience is more of a "gamer's aid" utility than anything else, and some people have had problems with it. Do you really need it on that machine?
    • When did your Win10 last update itself, and when did you last use DAZ|Studio? And are you sure your driver version is still 419? Windows Update (especially for Win10) has a bad habit of updating perfectly good NVidia drivers with less capable Microsoft drivers. If this has happened, it's best to re-install the drivers from the NVidia website (not going through Experience) and set the installer to wipe-and-install, not update. This gets rid of any stray files that the update should delete but doesn't.
  • xXQuatroXxxXQuatroXx Posts: 164

    Yup automatic update by windows. Grrrrrr


    I;ve uninstalled all of nvidia using DDU from, it's compleetly whipes all that has to do with the card.

    The re-installed (after re-boot) the driver i needed.

    After that, in Gforce experiece compleetly shut off automatic update and did this also for windows 10.

    Windows 10 will update, but wont install any updates for my GPU.

    Here is how this is done for the folks that wanna know:

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