3Delight Messages (Errors)

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Probably one for the more technically minded.

Yesterday I started a new scene with two characters, Victoria 4 and the Sixus 1 character Nyhlloghast. All was rendering well without warnings etc., until I added the Dreamlight "AlienZ" set.

Then I started getting errors, or if you like warnings from 3Delight (see attached image for details). Removing the set removes the errors too.

Just wanna know what they mean and is there a list of errors/warnings for 3Delight published anywhere?

Cheers :smirk:


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    3Delight User Manual

    R2054 primitive (or parts of) 'prim' discarded during eye-split
    Object is too close to the camera. Parts of it are clipped.

    Does that give a clue to the problem? is something too close to the camera?

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    Yep, that makes sense. Prolly time to read the 3Delight manual.....LOL

    Thanks for pointing it out. I will check my scene and see what is too close and causing the problem.


    Stiks :coolsmile:

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    For the record, the makers of 3Delight have updated it so that it does raytraced shadows a lot faster then shadow maps. DAZ3D has updated the 3Delight in DAZ Studio to a version that incoperates this update

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    Which version of DAZ Studio would that be? The street release of 4.6 Pro, or the Public Beta 4.6.x.x.xx version?

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