FREE update Faceshop plugin for Studio 4.5 Mac and WIN

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Happy to announce that we just released the long-overdue Studio 4.5 compatible Mac plugin for Faceshop 7. Here's where to download:
Thanks for your patience!


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    Hopefully this is a useful place to add some further information for those who might be having trouble installing FaceShop 7.02EZ for DAZ Studio in Mac OS X 10.7.5 or similar.

    ...particularly if, like me, you had such a horrible time installing DS on OSX in the first place that you're not sure if you should have joined that 64-bit blue wire to the 32-bit red wire terminal. If all else fails, ask someone for instructions.

    In my situation, the installer program process didn't seem to resemble anything in the PC/Mac manual for 7EZ (FaceShopall.pdf), whether the automatic or manual instructions. It tasted like Windows.

    Manual Installation:
    Place the “FaceShop” application file into “DAZ/Studio/bin” folder.
    Place “dzfaceshoploader.dll” into “DAZ/Studio/plugins” folder.
    Place “FaceShop” folder into “DAZ/Studio/resources” folder.

    I could get the plugin (see first post here) to start in DAZ Studio but it couldn't find the application. A stand-alone install of FaceShop seemed to run OK. But I just couldn't make them connect like it said on the tin.

    So after the usual round of fruitless forum/web searches, pleading, threats and ultimately tears, I caved in and sent off a pessimistic email to the contact address given on the website ([email protected]), but not very hopeful about the outcome.

    So imagine my shock when Laslo cheerfully replied with a suggestion within a few minutes.

    That wasn't quite it, so back I went with another imploring plea -- and not long after, lo! the solution was presented before me with grace and splendour! Birds sang. Children danced. A warthog went past on a unicycle while playing show tunes on a kazoo.

    The solution: Create a new folder (e.g. in your desktop) and do a standalone installation into it (use same version as your install of DAS Studio, natch).

    This dummy folder will now contain three files: dzfaceshoploader.dylib fsconfig.dsk and FaceShop (an application file). Then just follow the instructions in the manual (.dll=.dylib of course) and you should be good to go.

    I must reiterate that this is what worked for me in OSX 10.7 Lion, your personal Mac mileage may vary -- however, I think that this manual installation method should be fairly bullet-proof.

    So remember kids, never eat anything bigger than your own head, and never be afraid to try customer service -- sometimes it just might work.

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