RiverSoft Art Second Anniversary Contest SUBMISSION THREAD

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This is the thread for contest submissions, only entries here.  No comments or other posts please.  Rules are here: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/303626/riversoft-art-second-anniversary-contest

Please include:

  1. Image
  2. RiverSoft Art Products used
  3. Description about how the product(s) were used and why you think the products made such a difference or such an impact on your image 

Your image and text must be submitted by April 15, 2019, Midnight US Eastern Time. 

Note that you are allowed to change your entry at any time before the deadline.  However, there is only one FINAL entry per person.

Thanks and Good Luck!  smiley

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  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,432
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    V4 to G8F Clothing Converter

     The V4 generational clothing hold a special place in my heart, and I am so grateful to be able to use so many of them with G8F now.  ESPECIALLY the long dresses. So many beautiful fantasy items that I can now use with the current generation. This product and the other clothing converters have increased the possibilities of ideas by huge amount. I'm not saying that very well, when I approach doing a render, I first pick the character, then the clothing, and the image evolves from there. Having more choices and more variety of clothing to choose from means their are more ideas for new images.


    VAL SONYA ON G8F.jpg
    988 x 1600 - 423K
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  • azoohouseazoohouse Posts: 600
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    I used the V4 to G8F Clothing Converter to convert IgnusSerpentus's Edens Flame outfit.

    Edens Flame for V4 has that saucy, confident look about it for which I wanted to portray in my image. In order to use it with the best quality characters (Genesis8) it needed to be converted.

    Since I had no clue on how to do that, I relied on the amazing skills of Riversoft Art and Sickleyield's fine product to do the work for me!

    Title: Smoke Break

    Smoke Break.jpg
    1236 x 2000 - 1M
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  • OstadanOstadan Posts: 1,044

    Used 'Now Crowd Billboard School Life' and 'Look at Me', which I find indispensible nowadays for finishing character posing.  The 'School Life' billboard product went on sale just at a time when I knew I would be doing this scene, and it was way easier than adding full character 'extras' for the background.


  • Faeofthe3rdDimensionFaeofthe3rdDimension Posts: 1,087
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    A school of merfolk playing in the waves!

    Done within Daz Studio with Iray. No post work except for the watermark. 

    Used Alascanus Merman Poses and Pose Control and Aguja Mermaid Poses and Pose Control

    I have been waiting since Genesis 2 for a good mermaid/merman solution.  Sure, there were some great mermaids, but no merMEN to go with them.

    I really hadn’t bought much into Genesis 8, when I saw the Aguja Mermaid and the Alascanus Merman.  I was immediately hooked! (Bad pun intended)  Of course, with something so beautiful and complicated, also comes the need to control it.  That’s where RiverSoft Art’s posing products come in.

    Without these amazing posing tools, I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to pose the mer-tails realistically.  They allow not only fluid and natural posing of the tails, but also give great poses for the upper halves, as well!  All of the posing of the characters in this piece was done with RiverSoft Art’s products.

    Thank you, RiverSoft Art, for such amazing products! ^_^

    2500 x 1543 - 6M
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  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 13,845

    Where is the link to the rules? If I can finish a render tomorrow, 24 Feb 2019 Sun, I'll enter it I think although I'm not sure yet which product(s) I'll use. Thanks.


    Where is the link to the rules? If I can finish a render tomorrow, 24 Feb 2019 Sun, I'll enter it I think although I'm not sure yet which product(s) I'll use. Thanks.

    You still have plenty of time.  smiley  I put the thread rules link at top.  Please don't use this thread for anything but submissions.

  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 2,930
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    This image uses the G2F-G8F clothing converter, M4-G8M clothing converter, G3F-G8F Hair converter, G3M-G8M Hair converter ,and Look at Me's , Look at Each Other ,and Look at That . I love  the Look at Me products, no more whirling the camera around trying to make sure my characters eyes are looking where I want them too ,no more vacant stare .And I used "Expression Mixer" too .The clothing converters are wonderful too allowing me to make use of older clothing on the newer figures ,there are so many adjustments avaiable to them......

    RSAcontest 4.png
    2000 x 2000 - 6M
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  • FenixPhoenixFenixPhoenix Posts: 1,604
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    I'm happy to take part in your second competition (thankfully finished my entry)!

    Bringing Home a Clan Member | Gallery Link

    Inspired by the recently released Landon 8 bundle. "A werewolf meets a little guy on the streets who's having a hard time. In his heart, the moment their eyes crossed, he knew… it was time to bring his clan member home."

    Products used:

    • Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit + Bone Doctor Pose Control | These products allowed me to transfer my G3 Males poses to the G8 generation. Which is a time saver considering that I have a lot more pose sets from the previous generations. Additionally, being able to save partial poses allowed me to mix and match several poses to get me started. Then I only had to do some tweaking!
    • Clothing Converter from Genesis 3 Male to Genesis 8 Male | The entire wardrobe the character is using is actually a combination of two G3 outfits. I'll link the outfits in the gallery.
    • RSSY Clothing Converter from Genesis 2 Male to Genesis 8 Male | The boots as well as the earring are actually kitbashed from G2 outfits! I'll link the outfits in the gallery.
    • Look At Me Pose Control | Of course, one cannot do a render without using this handy tool. How else would these clan member's eyes meet otherwise?!
    • dForce Magnet | Last but not least... one of the best tools ever... the magnets! I only started playing with them till now, even though I bought them at launch. Though they seemed complicated to use, they were surprisingly easy and intutive! It took some playing with the cape to get things right, but finally, I was able to make it seem as though the dog was biting his cape. A bid of attention with a growl of mistrust. Those who are the hardest to love are usually the ones who need it most.

    Thank you for your wonderful products, @Riversoft Art! I hope I paid a nice tribute, since this image couldn't have been made without the products I mentioned!



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  • alienareaalienarea Posts: 204

    Jungle Girl

    RiverSoft Art Products used:

    1) RSSY Clothing Converter G2F to G8F
    for converting Jungle Girl for Genesis 2 clothing to G8F.

    2) RSSY 3Delight to Iray Converter
    for converting Jungle Girl for Genesis 2, The Enchanted Forest, Tribal Village Huts, and Tribal Props textures.

    3) Bone Doctor Pose Control  to convert DM's WarShadow pose WarShadow DBlade5 LH from G3F to G8F


    4) Give You a Hand: Hand Poses for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female for using Elegant Genesis 8 Female Horns 01 LH

    I have been creating a lot of Jungle Girls in the past and one of the issues I constantly have is that my most favorite Jungle Girl outfit is Jungle Girl for Genesis 2 Female, simply because it looks less skimpy and more natural than the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 version. And when using auto-fit the skirt (loincloth) will not bend as needed. I am very happy to have RSSY Clothing Converter G2F to G8F so the converted loincloth behaves as it should. Of course, the original textures for Jungle Girl for Genesis 2 Female are not for Iray, so I used the RSSY 3Delight to Iray Converter for this. While I was at it, I converted the textures for The Enchanted Forest, Tribal Village Huts, Tribal Huts for the scene as well, as there are no newer jungle village props available. There are Iray jungle plants, though, I added some together with the ones from The Enchanted Forest. Finally, the Jungle Girl needed a cool pose, and one of my favorites poses is from DM's WarShadow pose set for Genesis 3 Female. Luckily I have the Bone Doctor Pose Control to convert it to Genesis 8 Female. I could have fitted a jungle spear to that pose in exchange for the double-bladed spear, but instead I used Give You a Hand: Hand Poses for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female to turn the left hand into Elegant Genesis 8 Female Horns 01 LH just because.

    The original picture is in my DAZ Gallery, I have attached a version rescaled to 800 x 600.

    Jungle Girl (RiverSoft Art) 800x600.png
    800 x 600 - 2M
  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 13,845
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    Sunrise Service - Happy Easter 2019


    1) Bone Doctor Pose Control was the RiverSoft Art product I used. I used it to fine tune some of the poses, particularly the hands & feet.

    Happy Easter 2019.jpg
    1920 x 1920 - 3M
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  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,315
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    The Audience

    Products Used:

    dForce The Striga Ensemble for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s): Outfit and Hierarchical Pose "ST Sitting" (facial expression and eye position adjusted)
    I love Arki's outfits, but sometimes dForce takes so long on my (elderly) PC that I appreciate the ready-made hierarchical poses you provided.

    Dragon Master Poses for Dragon 3 and Crystal Dragon: Pose "Dragon Master Stalking 4" (neck and head angle adjusted to face the camera)
    And posing that dragon is quite a trial - again the poses (and sometimes the Dragon Master Pose Control scripts, though I didn't use them here) are real timesavers.

    RSSY Clothing Converter from Genesis to Genesis 8 Male: Genesis Barbarian Warrior clothing converted for Michael 8
    I have all the "forward" RSSY clothes converters because I have so much clothing for earlier generations and am delighted to be able to use them on the G8's.

    RSSY 3Delight to Iray Converter: Converted Dragon and Barbarian Warrior clothing materials
    Ditto this - I almost didn't buy it because in theory it's easy enough to apply Iray shaders manually, but I enjoyed using the Iray to 3Delight version so I decided I might as well complete the set!

    (Also used: Fan Ling HD for G8F, Helena Hair, DAZ Dragon 3, Michael 8, Viking Male Hair)

    1024 x 768 - 550K
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  • LaPartitaLaPartita Posts: 306
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    "Moon, Take Thy Flight"



    RiverSoft Art Products used:

    1. dForce The Striga Ensemble for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)
    2. Pose Blender
    3. Eye Clock Pose Control


    Description of how products were used:

    I have a love-hate relationship with dForce (although "terrified" is more accurate than "hate"). I love what it can do - it opens up so many new options for artists - and I love looking at all the amazing work people have done using dForce. At the same time, I'm totally intimidated by the mechanics of using dForce, and I'm working on an older laptop that was intended for word processing. It doesn't really get along with dForce. So when I saw the dForce Striga Outfit had hierarchical pose presets that emulated dForce, I snapped it up!

    The best part of the preset poses, in my opinion, is that they work really well as a place to start - I'm not just limited to the poses provided. For this piece, I used RiverSoft's Pose Blender to mix the "Looking Back" pose with a walking pose, and I depended quite heavily on the selective pose blender option to mix in some of the other presets as well. The left arm is mixed with the spellcasting preset pose, while the right arm has a little bit of the "sitting" and "standing" poses blended in. I barely needed to use the morph dials to fix the fabric after she was posed. And because I used the pose blender, all the different poses look natural blended together - nothing tries to stick out at odd angles, as often happens when I try to combine partial poses. Pose blender really is my secret weapon - using it is the best trick for keeping posed figures from looking stiff and frozen.

    Moon, Take Thy Flight.png
    1500 x 1950 - 2M
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  • KnittingmommyKnittingmommy Posts: 7,800
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    The Red Queen of Hearts

    Products Used:

    Riversoft Art: 

    RSSY Clothing Converter from Victoria 4 to Genesis 8 Female
    Expression Mixer
    Eye Clock Pose Control for Genesis 3 and 8 Male(s) and Female(s)

    V4 Outfit:

    Hattie Madder

    How Products Were Used:

    The Clothing Converter was used to convert the dress and the sleeves. Sleeves and shoes are always a problem with converting from V4 to newer generations. There is always crinkling, especially with the more severe poses. The Clothing Converter did a great job converting the sleeves and dress, better than autofit. I chose one of the most severe, problematic poses I knew of to try out with the outfit after converting and it did wonderfully. I only had a slight crumpling of the edge of the skirt on one side which I think I could have fixed fix, but I didn't bother because that part didn't end up being in my final shot. This product worked great and will be a valued tool in my arsenal.

    Expression Mixer was used to create the character's smile. It did a pretty good job with an open mouth smile which are hard to get right.

    Eye Clock Pose was used to pose the eyes which never look right when I do them on my own.

    1000 x 1300 - 239K
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  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 7,407
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    Sorry I posted the image just before I went to bed last night - in the wrong thread, only saw I'd done that this morning. Hope its not to late.

    I used the Now Crowds Billboards - Future Life and Now Crowds Billboards Modern city Life. The bill board figures are the ones mainly in the back furthur down the street, they are so useful I've found for filling up a scene without taxing my computer. I only picked them up recently but will be using them a lot more, when mixed with full figures and lo res figures it should be possible to get a very populated scene, something I've not been able to do in the past without rendering in bits this was rendered in one go the only reason its a small size was time rather than anything else, I did do one version on a larger scale and my Graphics card was able to handle it. But I didn't like the lighting and so wanted to redo it. I meant to render it while I was at work today but forgot to press the render button before I left so have to do it this evening in between getting dinner so it had to be the smaller dimensions.

    The Street

    The Street.png
    1200 x 600 - 1M
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