HeadShop 11 and OneClick2 Fix Files Uploaded

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These two files will fix the neck issues with HeadShop 11 and OneClick2. Please follow download link and download zip file twofiles.zip. Unzip file.

There are two files that you need to use to replace two samename files in your "HeadShop plugin" folder: "RH.Core.dll" and "RH.MeshUtils.dll".

The link to the zip folder is https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccpj5x9cza5edix/twofiles.zip?dl=0

Thanks for your patience!

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  • No need to reinstall your HeadShop 11 or OneClick2. Simply replace these two files and you are good to go.

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you!


  • Thanks!smiley

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    Actually, when I tried to replace the original files it kind of broke Headshop. When I uploaded a photo, the dots were way off and the face it generated had a smile...even though the photo didn't smile at all! I even tried photos I used previously, like Dio, and this happened there.

    The only fix was a full install.

    However, the full install has a problem, too. By default the file location for the new install is in a forbidden location. So you must change the location to go where you want. But doing this it worked OK.

    So I don't know if the upload corrupted something or what, but there are still some things to fix.

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    There are still issues with Headshop after this update that should have been caught.

    I mentioned an issue with teeth warping multiple times, and this remains. If you use Genesis 3, the teeth will lose their shape as the morph is applied. It is a very similar situation to the neck bump issue, so hopefully an easy fix.

    For Genesis 8, I found a different issue. The eyelashes are not responding at all to the face morph, so they disconnect from the face depending on where the eyes move. This makes the Genesis 8 shape largely useless. No matter what you dial the morph to, I even tried negative numbers, the eyelashes do not move. The teeth also move a little bit, but not like they do with Genesis 3. Again, like the neck bump, this hopefully can be fixed, but this really should have been caught before release.

    So there is still work to do.

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