Ivy's Magic Pane prop

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I was goig to sell this product But thought  be a great season gift  for everyone . So thank you for your purchase of my Magic Pane background prop. cheeky

Download hosted on Sharecg.com https://sharecg.com/v/92902/view/21/DAZ-Studio/Ivys-Magic-Pane-prop

You will find this product in the Daz Prop file under Ivy / Background panes
I use these panes for animation with iray it saves on computer resources, and allows me to create huge pre-rendered scenes as back grounds without killing my computer resouces so I can add people and other things.

You can add any background image you like to these pane. I included some samples images to get you started..

Add as many panes to a scene as you like to make different, light-effects,godrays,ground-fog & lightening effects.

Daz Studio 4.10 required to use this set.

Set come with both 3delight and iRAY mat presets.
the background image presets work for both iray and 3delight
The pane can be scaled any direction to fit any render size and can be moved freely.
default camera setting included to get you started,.

Note: There is no light presets included with this set. But the iray defualt setting should work great.  you will find instructions for using emissive panes


happy rendering



  • MilosGulanMilosGulan Posts: 1,716

    Thank You very much, this looks great. And thanks for 3Delight support.

  • IvyIvy Posts: 6,177

    Your welcome.

    I use 3delight a lot myself so I know where your coming from :)

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 5,338

    Thanks so much for this Magic Pane Ivy and the 3Delight support!!

  • IvyIvy Posts: 6,177

    Your welcome Saphirewild :)

  • GreymomGreymom Posts: 883

    This looks amazing - many thanks!

  • IvyIvy Posts: 6,177

    Your welcome graymom  Don't miss my other free back ground textures at sharecg.  they will work great withis set. :) https://sharecg.com/b/15/2D

  • MartialMartial Posts: 273

    Thank a lot for this product

    The included backgrounds are very good

    I have tried to load some mine photo using '' Click there  to make your own background''  How corretly lpad my photo and the parameters used for surface menu

    I have tried using one of yours and just change the photo but don't see exactly where you load it

    Ok i can go un runtime  textures and replace yours by mines keeping yhe same name but i don't want to loose your backs

  • IvyIvy Posts: 6,177
    edited December 2018

    Hi Martial . I removed the Auto script that would open your pc folder to browse your images,  because during testing my Anti virus was seeing it as a bug.  so I just put in th e basic commands to clear the pane so users can manually place their own images, Just  in case you have not learn how to do that  please use my instructions below  to learn how to change images in my panes  Sorry for any unconvince

     click picture to enlarge  Or

    click link to download instructions  https://www.daz3d.com/forums/uploads/FileUpload/f4/35eb86f0df2503869861824903712f.jpg

    1881 x 2436 - 538K
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