Scenes making Daz Studio crash. Is there a fix?

I'm working on a sequence of images, and I'm having a problem with when I reopen most of the saved scenes for this sequence, it makes Daz Studio crash.  This happens whether I open Studio first and then load the scene, or if I click on the .duf from my file explorer and load it that way.  There are no additional items in the later versions, just changes to morphs and poses, and hiding some items.  Is there any way to tell what is causing all the later versions make daz crash when I try to load them?  Or, better yet, to be able to fix the files so I can load them without issue?


  • How much memory do you have? Loading a whole scene can consume more memory than working on it once loaded.

  • CowrieCowrie Posts: 120

    My computer has 16 GB of RAM, if that's what you mean.  However, if that's the cause, why would it be that the first version of the scene loads fine?

  • CowrieCowrie Posts: 120

    Update: My antivirus software gave me a message saying that Daz Studio had a "possible memory link".  Could that have something to do with the problem?

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