Bryce window size

I'm getting back into Bryce after a few years away due to personal circumstances. I have a new computer running wins 10. When opening up one of my old projects (bryce 6 file) the file loads ok but does not fill the entire working window "see screenshot". Why is this happening and how do I fix it?  It will be impossible to work on as it is.

Cheers GG.


  • HoroHoro Posts: 6,649

    kiwi_gg - the size of your project on the work space is the document size it will be rendered and saved. You can set the document size: File > Document Setup or Ctrl+Alt+N.

  • kiwi_ggkiwi_gg Posts: 179

    Thanks Horo, nice to see you're still around. I was pretty sure there would be a simple solution.

    Cheers GG.

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