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    It's great to have the forums back. :-) It is as it should be. Though I think all this white is just begging for a lick of paint. :cheese:

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    It will be interesting to see how all this works out.

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    Heeeeey, we're back! ^^ It felt empty without the possibility to check the forums to find what's going on with all this transition thing. Still trying to get familiar with the new system. O.o

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    YAY YAY YAY:lol:

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    Dang it & I forgot my #2 pencil. :lol: Just joshing...it's good to be back. :)
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    Good to at least see the forums up and finally running. However, as interesting as this new formatting is, as we can clearly see, there's still much to fix-up on... >.>

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    Well they got better smilies! :D So that's gotta count for something! :)

    Si ;)

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    When do we get our Avatars back :vampire:

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    Anybody still remember the amount of complaints about the last forum update? "It's too bright!"

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    Ascania said:
    Anybody still remember the amount of complaints about the last forum update? "It's too bright!"

    Yes, I remember those. The forum wasn't bright for me because I had chosen the dark grey option before the upgrade, so until this "upgrade" hit, my forum experience was fine.

    I was annoyed that they turned the store bright white because they disabled the dark grey option for the marketplace.

    Yes, it's still too bright, but I guess I'll just have to live with it.


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    I need a dark background option both here and in the store.
    This hurts my eyes.

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    Ok, that's odd, I got an email telling me there was a new post in the DS4.8.0.59 thread, I clicked the link and it took me here!


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    Testing, Testing, 1-2-3.  Tap-Tap-Tap... Is this thing on?


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    YAY!!!!! Hi everyone! Was I ever happy to see this happening today!! WoooHOOO!!!!! Where's the "party" smiley? :coolsmile: 


    I haven't seen a post from you in like forever... Actually, it's more like 3 and a half Soons (DAZ Soons... Not the metric ones).

    I'm glad to see you are back and probably well and not at all a zombie or anything like that... I'm just guessing at that.

    But even if you are a zombie or something like that, it's still great to see you back.

    And if you never left, and I just haven't come across any of your posts in like two or three years... Ignore this.

    Actually, in general it's just a good idea to ignore most of what I say.

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  • I think this can be closed to avoid confusion - it was from the last set of new forums, back in May 2012.

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