Share Your Photo Realistic Art and Discussion

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So opening this thread to share our photo realistic renders, and want to meet and chat with others who have the same interest. This thread we can share advice, and tips we used to make our renders look so real, as well as how to Amp up the realism. 

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  • 3Diva3Diva Posts: 10,285

    Nice :) The render looks good. I'll be watching this thread with interest.

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 4,752

    Nice starting point. Even though I'm not always trying for photorealistic, I'd still like to be able to get as good as possible.

  • no noseno nose Posts: 172

    Nice, photo realism has always been a goal of mine, hopefully I'll learn something new and helpful here

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    Well the key to realism I'm finding is proper lighting and Photoshop. The post work looks alot better then fresh render. Play around with the adjustments settings in Photoshop as I did to tweak the color of the skin for maximum effect. I also find that duplicating the layer then over laying it produces a slightly darker effect, then I play with the opacity of the dupicate till I'm happy and then merge it down.
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