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I had a common issue that is being worked on this morning and called customer service. Jared was helpful, informative and courtious. I could tell he was frazzled about the problems but he was very nice. I think we should show more appreciation to those working on these issues. This is DAZ store, of course they are working as fast as they can. It's thier livelihood. We need to cut them a break.

Over at another site, there was whining and criticism ... and what I call "cut-throat" tactics. The attitude that if a business doesn't work at 100% 100% of the time they should be shunned and punished is rediculous.

I may not agree with all the new policies ... but I see the need and I support DAZ3d. Come on they need to know we aren't just a bunch of whiners and complainers. It's called "community" at the top ot the page. Let's be supportive. okay?



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    I agree that we, on the forums, are sometimes a little (lol) loud in our posts complaining about how things are and what we don't like.

    I want to say "Thank You DAZ!" I thank you for all the effort all of you have done to get the sight up and working. I really do appreciate all of the undisclosed, behind the scenes work, that all of you do.

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    I agree. The staff at Daz are people who are working hard to make things right. As frustration as it is for the masses, imagine how they feel about it?

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    Nice thought...

    Thanks DAZ 3D for working hard on this new site.



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    Totally agree ~ its been a rough week or so for everyone at Daz I think, so thanks for the hard work in getting everything up and running!

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    Dittos here!! Personally, I have never had a problem that was unresolved. Love Daz :-)

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    Here comes Joan to the rescue of DAZ3D.Com! I hope this shows my appreciation of their hard work...

    800 x 640 - 491K
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    I guess I should say thank you for everything that they have given me and for making such cool items.

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    Just chiming in.... THANKS DAZ!! :)

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    Got my vote and thanks too. :-) *cracks the whip* Muwhahahahaahaha %-P

    I do have to say though, these emoticons are just hideous! YUK.... .gifs are so yesterday!

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    Yes. Staff have been wonderful. I had a problem and it was sorted out very smoothly and quickly.:-)

    Changes are hard work. There will always be glitches - things that should work but something else gets in the way. It takes time to get around to fixing each one and then you find that the fix has caused another glitch.

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    yes, thank you to the Daz staff, both the ones "out front" trying to help and the ones behind the scenes working to "fix" everything! i think we're all just suffering from some sort of Daz withdrawal and we're extra cranky!

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    Hear, hear!

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    I haven't really had any problem with purchasing and downloading, so no complaints from me there, although ..... :roll:

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    Hugs from me, I have a solid idea about what kind of pain and nightmare this situation can be. Hope you'll get the store and forum hiccups hammered out soon.

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