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Hi, it's time I dropped in here to say hello! I finally got everything installed using DIM exclusively. I'm playing around with the Genesis Police Officer uniform, and using Thomas for Michael 5 as the character. The hair is Buzzed for Genesis. The smile came from my Expression collection. Maybe the Police Officer uniform was made a bit tight? I wish the outfit came with a hat.



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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 12,822

    Looks good, Ron.

  • Thanks, barbult! laugh I have such a backlog of stuff that I hadn't even used yet... some of the stuff I bought back around the year 2000 even! Part of my goal is to use that stuff just for the sake of getting my money's worth. I get a cheap thrill just putting the character up there, dressing him/her, and using silly facial expressions or poses! Take care! 

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    yes Keep doing what makes you smile. smiley

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    Hi Ron, good to see you in here;)

    Uhumm, Genesis 1, the most versatile and cost effective base figure ever:) Yes I have that uniform and you're right, it's a bit tight, there is a police outfit for M4 which is much better IMO, and comes with a nice hat too;)

    Thomas looks nice!

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    Hey Sven Dullah! How're you doing? I'm just trying to catch up with the backlog of stuff I bought over the past 18 years. Thomas is an "out of the box" character made for both Michael 5 & Michael 4 (I think.) I hadn't done much with "Generation 4," let alone the various Genesis versions! I was thinking of buying a bunch of cop stuff. Unfortunately I can't find a good Police Station interior... Just an interrogation room, holding cell, etc. First Bastion has a wonderful exterior Police Station scene, but I "want it all!"

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  • Sven DullahSven Dullah Posts: 4,586

    This is the M4 outfit I was thinking of, it works perfectly well on G1. I guess you have to kitbash together something for a police station interior, maybe maclean has something suitable?

  • Sven Dullah, thanks for the info. Right now I'm trying to find some Zombie stuff.... I have a short attention span? Actually, I get an idea, hit a roadblock, and try another idea. Unfortunately, I keep hitting roadblocks!

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    I don't have a police station interior, but I do have a jail.


    Depends what you want your cop to be doing. LOL

  • maclean! How're you doing? Long time no see!? I've added the jail to my wishlist. Have a wonderful day!

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    Hi Ron,

    Sorry, I just saw your reply now. Yes, I'm fine. Still around after all these years, and carrying on doing what I do.

    Good to see you on the forums. I've followed your recent posts, and I'm glad you haven't abandoned 3d yet. I'm sure it keeps many of us sane.

  • Mac, I'm glad you're doing well. I've always been a fan. Over the decades, I've wandered away for Art, and wandered back. Over the past year, I was doing Genealogy (Family Tree) work, and reached a dead end. Now I'm back, and older! Sanity? What's That?laugh

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