bryce 7 freeze

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when i try to send over a character in daz3d to bryce it goes through the process then daz 3d errors out and shuts down and bryce freezes and then i have to force quite bryce. is this because i use 64bit daz or is something wrong


  • Dan WhitesideDan Whiteside Posts: 473
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    The current version of D|S doesn't seem to work with the Bryce bridge. See:

    On the Mac it hasn't worked properly since D|S (which is what I'm currently using).

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    so should i install an earlier edition or wait

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604
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    Rashad did have a thread, over in the old forum, which was all about the DS bridge.

    You can find it here Unfortunately the appended images don't display at the moment. They are still there, but it needs a tweak before they will work, and although that has been noted it is rather far down the "TO DO" list :roll:

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