"Carrara - Realism Rendering" - where is that from?

Hello, this is a bit of an odd question...

I recently lost two hard drives. I had to reformat my old iMac and lost everything on it... and one of my smaller backup thumb drives is currently in process of dying as I try to go through it on a laptop right now...

In there I see a pair of folders titled:

"Carrara - Realism Rendering"

parts 1 and 2.

I know a few years ago I bought a series of Carrara tutorials. I had assumed I bought them at Daz but I don't see them in my order history here. Anyone know what I am looking at here, and where it is / was sold?

It looks like I will be unable to recover that folder. Most of the files on that drive fail to be accessed... I've managed a few random png's and video game screenshots from it's root folder, and I think one ancient PDF of my resume a half decade ago... but yeah, the drive is dead, and it appears to be a backup of things that I had only had on the old iMac... Of them though - this Carrara thing looks to be the only thing that's actually important...

So if anyone knows where it came from, I'd appreciate that, so I can go over there and see if I can find a redownload link or anything... and put a copy on my current machine.



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    It was sold by Infinite Skills here at Daz.  But they closed their store several months ago and started selling direct at O'Reilly and on Amazon.

    A sad day for us all.

    I'm assuming that it should still be available in your product directory, if you bought it at Daz.


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    Carrara - Realism Rendering Training Video

    This is a course done by PhilW, it was being sold at DAZ3D with a link to Infinite Skills to download the videos. O'Reilly is now looking after the course.

    If you bought it from DAZ3D instead of Infinite Skills you should have a download link as well as a serial number at DAZ3D, check your Product Library to see if you bought it from here.

    EDIT : UB beat me to the draw !!!!

    Carrara Realism Rendering.png
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    Examples files for this course and others courses can be downloaded here: https://resources.oreilly.com/examples?utf8=✓&filter=carrara

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  • carrara realism rendering is from infinit skills, so you can also have bought them there, check on your mails (if you still have them) for serial and so.

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