2D Mesh Animations - because Renders cant stand still

Looking for a place to show off those jazzy 2D mesh animations? Are your mesh animations feeling lonely and need to get out?

I just started venturing into mesh animations for future development and wanted a place to share, gain feedback and show off.

I figure the youtube videos will be the best method of demonstration until something like gif animations are supported in forums.

To start the dice rolling here is my 2nd one i've created 



  • ArtiniArtini Posts: 4,479

    Great idea of the thread. What software are you using for the recording?


  • StarlawStarlaw Posts: 71

    Recording in unity3D. Originally i was using "Helio" add on from the unity asset store. But now i'm using "Record" from Unity Technologies. Best part... Free :)

  • ArtiniArtini Posts: 4,479

    Thanks. I have also bought Helio, but great to know, that free Record works well.


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