Piano Lid

I purchased the DAZ Ballroom and Ballroom Exp 1 which comes with a grand piano.  The default piano has the lid open all the way.  It would be nice to be able to close or partially close the lid, however, it appears to be all one piece.

Is there a way to break the components apart in Poser 11 so I can close the lid?



  • You should be able to use the Grouping Tool to split the mesh into groups, if it isn't already, then use the Spawn Props command (or create a figure) to get an adjustable lid.

  • Once you've spawned it as props, you will have both the original unimesh and the individual props. Delete the original from the scene. You may also have to re-parent the entire thing, depending on how many props are spawned.

    For the lid, relocate the Origin to the hinged end so it opens and closes properly.


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