UPDATED! - Sakura Eyes for G8F (and G3F maybe...)

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Hey all, wanted to post a few pics of the sphereical eye product I made for Sakura.  These are made against the base shape, and allow rotation just like any eyes.  They are prop-style, as the extremes of the figure prevented me from doing a figure-type.  The templates are very simple round templates, so you can use/make your own textures for them.  (the second darker pic below uses a freebie MAT from DA I found, not included)  Of course, I could not test them with all of the shapes and characters coming out, and they are larger spheres, so a bit of poke through may occur in some cases.  Using a d-former or the morphs should be able to address that.

Comes with a combination of 25 different MAT color/styles, and 5 different "reflections" that are layered using a single click.

Also, they are not totally spherical, but do get slightly flattened in the front to maintain a more anime look, versus a complete sphere.  Also, the flat part does not rotate (it is a flattening "field" that does not move with the eye, that I found works better)  

The colored part of the eye can be resized using included adjustment scripts.  Just click and size in both horizontal and vertical, to make more oval, smalled or larger, depending on the expression.

Anyway, I hope they release very soon, in the meantime, here are some pics.  



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    Well, this could be the release that makes me actually buy Sakura laugh

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    Here is a template example, to help you use other eye textures that are freebies, such as the MMD or similar anime ones on DA.

    Click the image for full size, and then right-click save the JGP as a guide.  You can use any layered image editor, like GIMP, Paint.Net or Photoshop.

    Just create a new white image, 2048x1024.  Save the below as a new layer for a guide.  Create a new layer and paste an eye texture in the same location/shape as the light-blue area.  Hide the guide layer, and save it as a new JPG, and apply it to the eyeballs in DS.

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    Someone asked if these will work on Dolly?  I did not know about Dolly, but I needed to spend my coupon on something! cheeky  I got her, and did this:

    1. Load Dolly
    2. Deselect Dolly, and load Sakura Eyes
    3. Make sure the Flatten for left and right eye are parented to the eye.  
      1. I believe it does this when loading as a wearable, but seems to not if loading indepenently.
    4. Parent Sakura Eyes to Head of dolly, and hide the G8F eyes
    5. I then moved the eyes:  X = +/- 0.17, Y = -73.10, Z = 0.81
    6. Save this as a new Scene, so you never have to mess with this again!  :)

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    If you want to use these as a general G8F eye replacement, you can do a similar operation as the above, but just scale/move the eyes to match the G8F eyes, then heide G8F eyes, and then should scale, etc with the eyes.  A much simpler (but less advanced) eyeball, if you need them!

  • Thanks so much! Sold! I'm on my way out of the door, but I'll pick it up tonight when I get back. They look great on Dolly. I'm looking forward to seeing them in person. Very nice, indeed. :)

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    Wow this makes me want Sakura so much more.

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    Thanks for making the eyes 3dOutlaw! They have better rotation than Sakura's default eyes, in my opinion making them much more expressive. :)

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    Picked this up this morning and it works great. I didn't "hate" Sakura's eyes but these definitely have a better implementation of the flattening. Very nice addition to the toolbox!

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    Thanks all, glad you like them!  smiley

    One thing I have been doing, is that when I render with iRAY, I change the diffuse color to a light grey (versus white) which tones down the bright white of the eye a little.  I think it matches a little more for iRAY which can be a more realistic light.

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    I submitted and update for approval at Daz.  It contains a Bonus eye set that will follow G8F's eyes, in case you want to use these more basic eyes, with easier textures.  They will work on G8F and seem to work on most combinations of some Sakura and others using jcade's morph for Sakura he provided free in the Sakura thread...here is an example render (Dolly and Sakura, and more):

  • Awesome.

  • Hi I have this set but I don't see the material for Iray, when I look at the eyes in the surface tabs,no iray settings

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    Hi, it's a single simple material, not layers like the default G8F eyes, which is why it is easy to change/add new ones.  Nothing fancy about it, and I render iRay with just the default material...since its so basic it looks good!  ...but if you want to convert it to iRay style, its a simple process, and it is bext explained by this well done tutorial:  LINK

  • 3dOutlaw said:

    Hi, it's a single simple material, not layers like the default G8F eyes, which is why it is easy to change/add new ones.  Nothing fancy about it, and I render iRay with just the default material...since its so basic it looks good!  ...but if you want to convert it to iRay style, its a simple process, and it is bext explained by this well done tutorial:  LINK

    Oh ok just convert to Iray no problem, I thought I was missing something.  Well done product, I love it

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    The set has been updated in the store with the new BONUS set of figure-based eyes!  cheeky  (TBH, I use these now more than the originals, they are just easier!)

    Load them using the "Simple Eyes" icon in the same location as Sakura Eyes.  You should then hide the G8F eyes, as they replace/follow them.

    (...for the BONUS figure to mix/work with Sakura, you'll need j.cade's free morph dialed in:   https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/3179366/#Comment_3179366 )

    You should be able to download via the web or update via DIM, I believe.

    Have fun, and Happy New Year!  laugh


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    Thank you, 3D Outlaw! 

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    On a whim, I tried the bonus Simple Eyes on G3F, and they seemed to work!  :)  I did not test long, as I moved to G2F for another reason...

    That being said, when using them on G3F I found that they did not take the Material Settings.  You can always change that manually, but if you need that to work:  Looking into it, since those are Heirarchical presets...they are looking for a root node of Genesis8Female, and of course the ID of G3F is Genesis3Female.  I clicked, Edit - Scene Identification and changed that 3 to an 8, and they worked...

    Anyway, just playing around, but I thought I would share!  I know we all use G3F probably a lot still.

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    Thanks for the Bonus and info on other figures. Much appreciated!

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    Hi all, these are not sold at Daz3D anymore, but I still support them and love Sakura as a figure!  You can contact me with any questions,either via my website, or direct via PM.

  • Hi 3dOutlaw, I have your eyes for Sakura and G8 and they work awesome... (hope they are still available somewhere else for other folks to enjoy :-)  )

    I had recently upgraded mi Mac, so had to reinstall everything and changed the external disk for one with 2TB, wondering if you could point to some references on how to install J. Cade morphs, please? (I'd tried to do this on my own again, without success this time, cannot remember where exactly to copy the files!) 

    Lots of sunshine... and wonderful holidays...


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    Check my website freebies, he let me post it as a freebie :)
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