Object Rotation Center Origen Point Can't Be Found Or Changed

I downloaded a model that has a rotation center point that's thousands of units away from the object geometry. Rotations look like transations.


I zoom way out and rotate to see that the rotation center point is still off the screen when I can barely see the object from zooming out. Rotation makes it travel a big sweeping ark.


I attempted to use the joint editor to fix this. But it seems to have no effect. No matter what values I enter for repositioning the rotation center, the rotation behavior of the object is exactly the same - the same big sweeping ark of travel. The ark of travel never changes its diameter. I tried various huge values in all three axes. No effect.


My guess is the joint editor has a limit to the values it can process, and this object has a rotation origen that is beyond that limit.


But, my guess asside, is there anything I can do about this?


  • If this is a freebie do you have a link?

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    As you load / import your object geometry it should appear somewhere near the 3D world center. Where the translation values are very low if not zero the floorgrid can help to find this point also.

    Try this select your object geometry item in the scene - go to the Tool Settings and choose the Joint Editor.

    Next type in 0 for every XYZ Position of the Center Point this is the green manipulation gizmo on the Viewport.

    Then open the Tool Settings Options Menu the little symbol with the 4 lines and a triangle and choose Memorize Selected Nodes Rigging.

    Try to rotate again and make shure this object isnt parented to anything else in the scene.

    If this dosnt work maybe position the object near the 3D world center you can also use Move To Foor CTRL+D. Then export the object as an OBJ and import this OBJ back to reset its default position to the 3D world center or at least as you placed it before OBJ export.


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  • Actually, if it is literally a prop (a static mesh item) loading off centre one fix would be to create a new Null (Create menu, select it, then select the prop, and in the Align pane select Align Centres for both X and Z axes, then click Apply. That should centre the item, export it as OBJ and then reimport that to reset the centre.

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    Thanks Richard and Syrus. I'll give these things a try when I return to the situation.

    Ya. It is a static mesh. A car.


    I converted it for use in Daz Studio in two different ways. The first way didn't parse the materials out enough. But that one I could find and center the rotation pivot points. The second way did parse out all the materials by way of simply breaking the model down into about a thousand parts. So I put all the parts into a heirarchy of groups and other parenting. But this one I can't find and center the pivot point for the car, and is what this post is about.


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    Regardless, I am enjoying the model, even if it is a bit chunky. Maybe I'll learn about subsurface modifiers in Blender and maybe fix that.

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    Nice car model and shaders.

    But hey once you have the car with the materials in DazStudio it is just a few steps in Blender to fix that problem.wink

    And this dosnt look like its a problem with the lowres mesh that needs a subsurface modifier but...

    I mean in the image it seems that every polygon of this geometry is its own part and not connected to eachother - as you sayed about thousands of parts.

    Try this:

    1. In DazStudio File>Export OBJ use Presets: DAZ Studio (1 unit = 1 cm)

    2. open Blender File>Import>OBJ

    3. press Tab to go into Edit-Mode - make shure everything is selected pess A if not

    4. go to the left side Toolshelf>Mesh Tools and click "Remove Doubles" (there is also a option to set Merge Distance at the bottom)

    5. see if it has connected the loose parts - hover the mouse over the geometry and press L (select connected geometry)

    6. Export OBJ in Blender

    7. Import OBJ in DazStudio DazStudio File>Import OBJ use Presets: DAZ Studio (1 unit = 1 cm)

    8. see if it works in DazStudio and change to the tool geomerty editor and have a look at the faces and surfaces groups if they are still usable

    I'm currently try to retopology some other free geomerty items with ugly topology - I also use "Remove Doubles" to merge / weld identical vertices and "Tris To Quads" to avoid tirangled polygons if possible with also optiond for angle - "Tris To Quads" can be found by pressing Spacebar then search for "Quad". But carefull "Tris To Quads" can mess up UVs - first go to UV/Image Editor UVs Menu and press "Seams From Islands". This should help.

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