3rd Annual It's Raining Men Picture Thread -- Entries and NAE Pictures

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So show us your best Male renders.
Any Humanoid Male figures can be used. 


The Challenge has Two Parts
Prizes for Be
st Render, 2nd and 3rd Places
Separate prize for B
est, Most Original Re-Purposed Non-Male clothing Ite
(Please note this doesn't mean just stuffing poor Michael (or whoever) into a dress -  it needs to be a genuine alternative usage of a non-male item.) Chohole has kindly donated a $30 dollar prize for the best, most original use of a female item. This image from the first It's Raining Men contest would be a perfect example of what we are hoping to see. 

All images will be entered for Best Image; any image which uses and mentions a re-purposed item also will be entered for Best, Most Original re-purposed item. However no image can win the same level in both categories.
For the re-purposing voters should favor those who give some explanation of how they re-purposed.
Donations to the prize kitty by both Vendors and Forum members will be gratefully appreciated. We will continue to take prize donations until the end of the contest.

Challenge starts now, November 1, and will end on December 31 midnight DAZ time, to give you plenty of time to do your best for our poor hard done by 3D men.

This is where you post your entries for the It's Raining Men contest.  Please make sure to read the rules which are found on the main It's Raining Men contest page.

NAE or NOT an Entry pictures can also be posted here. Please make sure to state NAE or Not an Entry in red text to make the text stand out.  Thank you.

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  • L'AdairL'Adair Posts: 9,470

    The whole time I was working on this image, I kept thinking, "this would be perfect for the It's Raining Men contest..." but I couldn't help myself. I had to finish it. So to get the ball rolling, I'm going to post it here, even though it's definitely

    Not An Entry: I hear Tell You Been Lookin' Fer Me

    I hear Tell You Been Lookin' Fer Me, by L'Adait

  • 3Diva3Diva Posts: 11,018
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    The Ranch Hand

    Using DawinsMishap's awesome new character, Giovanni -which I was blessed enough to be chosen to beta test. I've also used Imaginary_House's Pavilion Walkway, Zack Hair by 3DCelebrity, and Brodie jeans by 4blueyes.

    Giovanni 11B.jpg
    1000 x 1300 - 1M
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  • ButchButch Posts: 781

    Well, we've got the barfly and the wallflower, why not add the bloke who's far too drunk for his own good. 

    This is just a bit of fun, not an entry.

  • kloolessklooless Posts: 115
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    One day, I'll get posting pics more consistently.  :)





    800 x 600 - 417K
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  • kloolessklooless Posts: 115
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    Here's one using DarwinMishap's awesome Elosolus, Elosolus for Genesis 3 MaleCastle TurretDagger DreamsSword Of Time Outfit for Genesis 3 Male(s)






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  • evilded777evilded777 Posts: 2,394
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    This fellow has been criminally ignored, he was one of the best parts of the 6th Generation.

    Tux On, Brodie

    1200 x 1800 - 382K
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  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 3,759
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    After help from @Divamakeup the choice fell to this version, big thanks! The other version is available in my galleries too if anyone want to look at it :)

    Used Gwenbleis shape and Merrick skin, postwork in Topaz Studio and signature in PS CS 6

    Entry #1 - Weary Cowboy

    1200 x 1560 - 421K
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  • mori_mannmori_mann Posts: 1,150
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    Dimi, custom Genesis1 male character, Elias skin, lots of different morphs. 3Delight render, rendered in Daz 4.10, little bit of postwork in Phostoshop CS2. Resizing and turning it into JPEG hurt the quality badly. Can link to or post the PNG if necessary/desired.

    Title: Shhh! Be very quiet.


    Posted here first, will proceed to force it upon unwilling victims elsewhere now :)

    Dimi - Quiet Now 11 Small.jpg
    1200 x 960 - 143K
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  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 5,963

    What a great start to this great contest!!!

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 12,495
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    More fun.  Not an Entry.  ,

    Just thinking about simple repurposed items.  In this case, Grandpa and little Johnny are using Mom's favorite sweater to play marbles.  And, is that a pair of scissors in Grandpa's hands?  Hard to tell.  OMG!


    raining men sweater marbles.jpg
    1600 x 1200 - 691K
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  • zombietaggerungzombietaggerung Posts: 2,896
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    Entry #1 "Lightbringer" Nothing repurposed.

    1391 x 1800 - 1M
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  • KevinHKevinH Posts: 1,035
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    First time I used the easy enviroments. I happened to stumble across them. At first I couldn't figure out how they worked. I thought I had to add the 3DL one because it said prop, but then I only got a black screen. Then I found if I deleted that and just rendered after clicking on the Iray render icon, that I got what I wanted. NAE - Not an entry.

    Michael 6.png
    1391 x 1800 - 4M
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  • Here's an old one NAE- Parker in a G3F Hoodie.

  • ChameoChameo Posts: 306
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    NAE - I don't do guys often, but I've got a few that look pretty good (at least I think so). The first one was inspired by Glen Campbell's "Gentle on My Mind" - the aimless drifter sitting in a railroad yard, thinking about the girl he left behind. I also want to do the Wichita Lineman and the Rhinestone Cowboy in a Glen triptych.

    The second one is my first paid commission - created as a character pic for a friend in an online text game.

    1366 x 948 - 2M
    648 x 1048 - 1M
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  • 3Ddreamer3Ddreamer Posts: 1,162
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    Entry #1 - Castles in the Sand

    Repurposed (nothing exciting, just full disclosure) - Boyfriends Tee for G3F, Actual Wet Hair. This wasn't what I had planned for my first entry, but Boyfriends Tee went into Fast Grab and I'd eyed it for a long time for something like this...

    sand castle.png
    1087 x 748 - 1M
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  • ButchButch Posts: 781
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    Nope, no longer an entry.  You can just admire it as a work of art, in itself wink 

    His clothes have been trucked back from Alaska, however they're wet and are drying on the back of his bike. 

    Out of memory appears to be my issue with dForce sad

    If you're wanting to see the original version, it's here... https://www.daz3d.com/gallery/#images/468296

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  • ByrdieByrdie Posts: 1,647

    "Now, where's the rest of my uniform?" Knowing the army, they probably sent it to Alaska. laugh 

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 5,963

    LOL he really looks cold I tell ya!!!!

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,418
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    Re-Puposed Female Clothing:
    Autumn Chic Tights
    Free Spirit Scarf

    2001 x 2000 - 1M
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  • ButchButch Posts: 781
    Byrdie said:

    "Now, where's the rest of my uniform?" Knowing the army, they probably sent it to Alaska. laugh 

    Actually, dforce sent it to Alaska wink and it's coming back.  And, besides, when did you last see a Butch model that was fully clothed?  Hmm?

    LOL he really looks cold I tell ya!!!!

    My boys are tough, they can handle the cold laugh

  • BronzeDragonBronzeDragon Posts: 179
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    Entry Number One.

    Old man still has it in him, even at his age.

    Start with a bit of M4, throw in some Freak, add a bit of Viking, and just a touch of Vampire (to adjust the face and ears a bit). Readjust the skin textures a bit (actually three times) to work in IRAY. Give him a retextured set of almost boxing shorts and he doesn't look to bad, well, at least I think so.

    Nothing repurposed.

    Everything was free or a give-a-way at some point. When you're old, retired on just Social Security, and doing this as a hobby, buying stuff other than food isn't a common practice. So this is what you get.

    Hope the pose is ok, I've never been one to do well with "scenes" so I fall back on portrait style compositions I learned years and years ago as a photographer, with plain or very simple backgrounds. I did splurge a bit and used a reflective floor. Couldn't find a NICE pair of boots or gloves for free so we go bare knuckle.

    Bearing all that in mind here is Corman Cribbs, bare knuckle bruiser, who, during his heyday, was better known as "Cribby the Cruise" planning on making a better than later come back. A little older, a little heavier, a little greyer, maybe a bit slower, but still wearing the mantle of a Champ.

    EDIT - Post edited to include inline scaled image.



    still got it.jpg
    1800 x 2500 - 152K
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  • 3dcheapskate3dcheapskate Posts: 2,600
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    NAE or Not an Entry

    In one of the only Iray pictures I did (my stone-age laptop almost caught fire!) the guy walking past was wearing the skirt from the V4 Queen Gown (from Cute3D here at DAZ - doesn't seem to be available any more). He's also using one of the V4 skin textures. He might even have been V4 with the standard male morph, but I think there's too much muscle-tone for that unless I used some of the V4 muscle morphs too.

    The picture was sort-of inspired by the decadent Harkonnens from Dune... perhaps somebody sending an assassin after Feyd-Rautha ?

    I never finished the picture - Feyd (or whoever he is) is floating above the ground and the skirt needed tidying up around the waist.

    1124 x 922 - 386K
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  • 3dcheapskate3dcheapskate Posts: 2,600
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    First Entry -


    "Ah'm So Firsty ! Ah Needs... Beer !"

    With most* men in real life probably being not so gorgeous and behaving more like this, a drought is probably preferable to a rainstorm of men...

    *I'm not like this. I'd never, ever wear claret speedos.

    987 x 862 - 77K
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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    NAE - Not An Entry

    Just for kicks and giggles, I thought I'd toss one out while I figure out which of the nine Muses I should be praying to, to get me off my creative duff and crank out something a bit more contemporary....

    This is the very first "test drive" I did using Michael 7 / Genesis 3 Male; not entirely coincidentally, it was also my very first Iray render.  I was especially impressed with the way the nap on the blanket turned out.

    "Hey, Baby, Wanna Play...?"

    1300 x 731 - 2M
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  • sueyasueya Posts: 699
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    Entry 1: Santa's Christmas Cheer

    I am also entering this in the PC Render Contest because I used "The Night before Christmas".

    Santa is Fwsa Edgar HD for Michael 7

    800 x 1131 - 252K
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  • Worlds_EdgeWorlds_Edge Posts: 2,036

    Entry #1 using Sean, cool style outfit, heath hair, and photoshop.

    Entry 1.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 1M
  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    But this one is...!

    When I first got the Dynamic Clothing plug-in for DAZ Studio, I naturally played with it a bit; one of those quiet, reflective scenes with V4 in her "boyfriend sweater", in the Bright Loft.  It worked for me, so I thought I'd give Michael (8, this time) his own "day in the sun".

    Dylan for Genesis 8 Male
    Intimates for Genesis 8 Male
    A Bright Loft (retextured for Iray -- and once you apply that Uber Base shader for Iray to the surfaces, the real work is just beginning!)

    Lighting was provided by the First Light Skydome and HDRI, cranked up to about 120% intensity.

    600 x 849 - 746K
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  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 7,852
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    Entry No. 1

    Genesis M8


    Peng Hair

    Dale for Genesis 3 Male

    Old West Saloon 

    Miss Kitty's



    1273 x 1800 - 570K
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  • kloolessklooless Posts: 115
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    2600 x 1607 - 2M
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  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 15,613
    scorpio said:

    Entry No. 1

    Genesis M8


    Peng Hair

    Dale for Genesis 3 Male

    Old West Saloon 

    Miss Kitty's



    How did you dothe subtle 'atmospheric glow' with bloom in the render settings or a post render filter? 

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