Reality 3 on Daz studio?

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Is it out on Daz 4.5 yet? I see the advert for it on poser but does this include Daz or just poser? pls let me know. If its not out for daz yet is there any idea when it will be? ty.


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    not yet... If I understand correctly, Paolo put a lot of effort into the Poser release, so he might take a wee breather before getting stuck into the DS version, so best guess right now is "later in the summer".

    That said, Paolo himself hasn't actually given any release dates - more a case of assuming he's not going to voluntarily work himself to death ;)

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    Paolo said he was going to start working on it soon and since a big chunk of it was done with the poser version he won't have to start from scratch, so shouldn't be to long now.
    You can ask yourself at the RDNA official reality forum

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    K this is cool. ty.

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