To Nightshift3D In Regards to Your Awesome Range of Odysseon Station Models

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May we please have a Crew Quarters, Mess Hall and kitchen, Armoury, Captains Quarters and Bridge Please?
These models are beautiful.

Thank you.



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    And as my excuse for posting in this thread, let me show you some Nightshift3D goodies. First the transport ship (Aerion's Blaze) in the sands, and in the skies I used the Typhon's Rage gunship. I threw in a Pteranodon for good measure with the Eternal Sand's environment:

    1024 x 819 - 198K
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    Nicely done.
    Yes, I would like to see more interiors, too. The life of a crew takes place everywhere on the ship or station, does it not?
    And who better to ask to do this awesome stuff, but the original creator of awesomeness! (Now tell me that's not brown-nosing) ;-P

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    I would like it If the models also had some daz version light sets. =-)

  • tscott_f9a8e65d7ctscott_f9a8e65d7c Posts: 50
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    Those are great suggestions. Also, what about the station exterior buildings? I'd love to see those. I'm going to be using all these sets for my latest TV show.

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