Is DS 4.5 worth my time anymore?

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Total frustration has set in.......
Trying to make a talkie animation using 4.5 32 bit, since Lip Sync is unavailable in 4.5 64 bit (don't understand this either).
Added a few wall props, 2 linear point lights, and a new camera. about half way through a single frame render, crash.....
Big Badda Boom....
Daz studio and I make a bug report but I can't log into Bug Report site with My Daz Name and PW.
This makes no sense to me, sorry.
A similar scene without talkie animation opens and renders fine in 4.5 64 bit.
So does Daz expect me to jump around programs to get a rendered animation?
Why after 4.5 has been out for a long time, Lip Sync is still not in 64 bit version?
Knock, Knock, anyone home?
Sorry for sounding like a troll....
Genesis))))---------> great idea
Dson ))))------> great idea


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    I can't log into Bug Report site with My Daz Name and PW.

    That's because your DAZ store/forums account is completely separate from the Bug Tracker — you need to set up a new account in Bug Tracker.

    Note that there's nothing stopping you using the same name and password when you create the Bug Tracker account, a lot of people here do that. (For one thing, it makes it easier to tell when someone reporting a bug is the same person as the one talking about it in the forums.)

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    Your PC type OS type Graphic Card and Max RAM would help us understand what the issue might be. I Animate in DS4.5 32bit with the lipsync with no errors in Save as Frames mode.

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    I can take the time to give machine specs, but i can assure everyone its a top notch gaming machine.
    64 bit version of 4.5 works like a charm.
    32 bit has been buggy from the start on my machine.
    I just want lip sync for 64 bit 4.5......'
    Too much to ask?

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    The lipsync is 32bit code. I as well wish it was not. Just wished to help if I could.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 58,361
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    Set the animation up in the 32 bit version, then save and open in the 64 bit version for rendering - and render to an image sequence so you can resume if there's a crash.

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    Why did I not think of that? So right in my face.

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