Retro Renders, anyone?

I'm interested in seeing other peoples' takes on using older figures (Daz generation 1 to 3, Poser figures up to Poser 7, freebie figures with a cut-off date of 2010, etc?) in renders.

I believe they still have a lot to offer as art subjects, so please post some examples here.

And a reminder that the always apply.

Oh, and one other thing: if you have a retro visual novel or the like, post a link and a teaser image wink


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    As it happens I just did one yesterday, posted on another thread in this forum.

    It's Victoria 2 with one of Sydd's Dragonessa morphs (and headdress) and some old RDNA freebies for clothing. PP2014 render using Snarleygribbley's EZSkin 2.

    There's still life in the old girl !

  • You should take a look at this thread if you haven't found it yet.  It's all about images for the older generations.  There are some really great images in there.

  • 3dcheapskate: nice image, Pete!

    And thanks for the link, Knittingmommy smiley​. I had done a forum search first, with the usual rubbish results.

    Thank you to Chohole, too, who is ever watchful and helpful.

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    you're welcome.

    All my images have older figures in them, when they have figures.  

  • Chohole, that is gorgeous! Dreamy effects and colors.

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    Here's one I played with, since Thanksgiving is getting closer. M3-RR with Jasper character and clothes, with David 3... and half a dozen turkeys in revolt. Or is that revolting turkeys?


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    I'm betting on the turkeys!  Fun render. I don't have time to render older things but enjoyed seeing the posts! 

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    Thanks, Novica! I like to mix the old with the new - both in renders and in R/L smiley

    (ps: Thanks for your useful GenX2 tips, by the way. They've been helpful!)

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