when setting up MIMIC....

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When defining all the poses for a figure's phonemes in Mimic, is it better to use master poses or master clips?
does it make any difference?


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    Hi Holly :)

    Master poses. for expressions / phonemes ..or whatever they're called :)

    Poses can be single frame,. or stretched out in the timeline to extend the effect of that pose,. it's kind of tricky to explain, easier to see wne you're doing it. but there's a Smoother or Sharper change between the poses,.. depending on their length,

    I think for phonemes,.. clips would work, but may be confusing, ...playing a few frames of animation may conflict with the effect of lipsync and the transition from one clip to another, may not always work.

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    Thank you. Yes you are correct. it seems the clip is not really what it wants, Pose does better.

    But at the moment I am having some crazy head scaling for no apparent reason... Ugh... I thought I made the clips with only the mouth morphs they needed... not sure where my issue is coming from. grrr. :sick:

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