I give up... need advice from experienced clothing modeller



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    I have more or less all the original ++ Morphs for M4 and V4, including Muscle and creature Morphs.

    But if I am not mistaken, there was always a Poser and a DS Version - either as file or being selected during installation.
    Currently I use the Poser installed ++ Morphs in Carrara.

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    The only extra install for Studio is the Powerloader for each morph pack, which simply provides an easy options menu to load only selected morphs each time a Gen4 base is loaded into a Studio scene. Otherwise you can just inject the morphs as in Poser.

    What we have discovered though, is that running the Powerloader on each figure with all morphs loaded, just once in Studio, configures a set of files which makes them work properly in Carrara. It pretty much eliminates morphs being lost or crosstalking between figures when they are saved to the Browser. (My theory is that the Carrara importer was written with a fully configured Studio setup in mind and it borrows EXP injection scripts provided by the Powerloader). But that's an entirely different topic.

    If you don't have the Powerloaders they're available from the DIM or you can reset the morph packs in your account.

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