Sickle Yield's Decrackifier - solved!

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I can't find the controls to use this product. Where are the morph controls? I'm at a total loss. I don't know how to contact individual PA's, so I can't ask SA herself, so I'm asking here. How can I find the morphs?


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    The morphs will be in the figure (Genesis character), not in the clothing. They are projection morphs. Dialing them into the figure projects the change into the clothing fit to the figure. This is explained in the text on the product page.

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    I understand that the morphs are on the figure and not the clothing, I did read the product page. I just can't find the morphs. For example, I also have SY's 'Universal Breast Helpers', and these can be found on the figure - You go under Shaping> Genesis 2 Female> Chest> Real World> Universal Breast Helpers. I was able to find them because a video was provided on the product page that provided this information. Now I would expect a similar path for the 'Decrackifier', but I have searched thoroughly and I just can't find them. I'm hoping that someone who is fimiliar with this product will be able to help me find them. Otherwise I'll have to return the product, and that would be a shame, considering that I'm probably just overlooking some little thing.

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    It sounds like you are well versed in how to use products like this. If the product readme online doesn't offer enough clues, perhaps it is time to submit a help request to Customer Service and ask them. Or you could try to send a PM to SickleYield and ask her. She is one of the best PAs around for being helpful to customers.

    I don't own the product, so I'm at the limit of what I can do to help at this point. If you find the answer, it would be great if you could come back and post it here for other people who might find your thread when searching for help on the same topic. At that point it is also helpful if you change the title of your thread to include the word SOLVED.

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    Have you tried selecting the figure (G2F or whatever) then in the parameters tab clicking on "Actor" in in the search field at the top typing "decrackifier" - this should find the morph wherever it is. If you really want to know where the morphs are, then expand "Actor" and the region under which the morph sits should appear a slightly different shade to the other regions - you can then open that up and so on.

    ETA: I don't have the product either but I've found elusive morphs from other sets using this method!

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    I did finally find the morphs - as Melanie said they are under 'actor' in the Parameters tab. The path is parameters> actor> hip> fixer> Decrackifier. Why I didn't see it yesterday after all that searching I can't say. Thanks Melanie and Parbult for your help.

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    Man you don't know how helpful this thread was!   I couldn't find that morph to save my life.

  • This explains how to find the morph once it's loaded into the scene. But, I can't figure out how to do that!

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