Should vertices count = Polygon count?

I am having big problems getting Poser to accept morph targets. Tried countless options but keep getting "Target geometry has wrong number of vertices". My geometry and morph files both have same quantity of polygons but quantity of vertices are not always the same quantity of polygons. Since Poser displays only polygon count but not vertices count I am wondering if they are assumed to be equal. 



  • No. If you had something like a torus made of quadrangles then each vertex woudl border four polygons and each polygon would have four vertices so they would match, but that's a special case and in general they can differ.

    In any event, polygons don't matter for morphs, only the vertices; although Poser won't error if the vertex count does match the morph will work only correctly if the count and order match. To construct a morph vertex 0 of the imported OBJ is taken as the new position of vertex 0 of the model, vertex 1 of the imported mesh is taken as the new position of vertex 1 of the model, and so on - if the counts aren't equal then no matchin is possible, if the counts match but the order is different then you will end up with a faceted mess of polygons lying every which way within the outline of the morphed shape. When creating a morph you must start from the base geometry and do nothing to add, remove, or reorder the vertices.

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    Richard, thanks very much for your explanation. I'm a bit rusty but I certainly understand the implication of your explanation. I made the morph I was trying to convert in Carrara about 8 years ago after seeing unconvincing glasses on 3D characters. With no knowledge of creating morphs I created a very convincing model of morphing glasses with "real world" lenses that utilized the physics capabilities of Carrara. At the time I tried to do it in Poser without success. I recently came back to Carrara and Poser but I have to re-learn almost everything. Based on your explanation, I believe my only option is to start from scratch in Carrara. I looked at Posers Morphing tools but don't think I can get the precision I need. Thank you again for your help.

  • Hi BarryM
    ​Please chack my Video1 in the Poser2Blender2Poser series on my youtube channel name tonyvilters.
    ​It handles the correct import and export settings between Poser and Blender to create morphs. (and a lot more)

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    What is Blender? Is it be relevant to Carrara?

  • Blender3D is a free 3D app that works very well together with Poser and DS.
    ​See my youtube series.

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    Tony, Thank you, I enjoyed your Video very much. Very clear and concise. 

    On your FBM, could you have exported seperate morphs to Poser. eg, one for the nose, ears etc...... or would I need Poser Pro?

    Blender may be what I need. Thanks.


  • Sure;
    ​Load the blank (example) head in Blender as per video, create a morph for the nose, export as per video, and load in Poser in the head group..
    ​Load the blank head again in Blender, (always start with the original exported if you work on individual vertex groups), create another moprhs for the ears, export and load in Poser.
    ​You can create as many morphs as you like. 

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    Thank you. I am now learning to use Blender. There is certainly not a shortage of tutorials which is very encouraging.

    One last question. Can the multiple morphs be imported by Poser, or can it only be achieved with Poser Pro?

  • Poser (standard version) can import morphs for each vertex group.
    ​Head => wider nose
    Head => larger ears
    Head => bigger mouth and so on.
    ​Or Chest => larger breasts
    Or neck group => wider-smaller and so on.
    ​But Poser (standard version) is limited to single vertex group morphs. => The first part of the video.

    ​PoserPro can import FBM (Full Body Morphs) where a morph can span multiple vertex groups. Head+neck+chest and so on. as demo in the second part of the video.
    ​It creates a Morph dial in the body actor and in all vertex groups that are morphed. Vertex groups that are not touched by the morph, do not get the extra dial.

    ​If your morph only changes the head, neck and chest for example?
    ​A morph dial will be added to => Body, head, neck and chest.

    ​REMINDER : A morph is a morph.
    ​You can not add or delete vertex and the vertex order has to stay the same.
    ​That is why the exact import-export settings are so important. => That is the purpose of the video. => The correct import and export settings between both apps to create single group morphs and FBM.
    best regards, Tony.

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    Thank you Tony. As I now understand, in the first part of your video, you could have imported (into Poser standard) 3 seperate targets ie, nose, ears and mouth, and poser would create 3 seperate dials. Since I will only be using a single vertex group I will not need Poser Pro. Thank you for the explanation and thank you for introducing me to Blender.

  • Building and importing multiple single group morphs can be done in the standard version of Poser.
    ​For FBM, and trust me, you"ll want to do that after you get the hang of single group morphs, you need PoserPro.
    ​Poserpro also comes with the fitting room, (and lot sof other goodies) that make cloth building and/or convertions a lot simpler.

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