Carrara Freepozitory archive and more new free stuff for Carrara

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The new Forum killed the old "Carrara Freepozitory" category, so here is the link to the old Forum Carrara specific free stuff and hopefully some new free stuff will show up as well: 
OFFLINE for a few years...

EVERYTHING: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-CarraraCafe has it all, scenes, shaders, plugins and even a Carrara Magazine (the magazines come with bonus shaders/tuts...):​
-Mark Bremmer has both free tutorials and a few freebies: OFFLINE 2018-02-25 (Not saved on disk, need to ask Mark Bremmer for copy or re-post.)

SCENES/MODELS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Some new free stuff at ShareCG for Carrara only;

-Some new free stuff at Renderosity for Carrara only:

-Age of armour has both stand alone free scenes and free addons for his products in the daz store.
-Atomic Bomb/mushroom cloud: OFFLINE 2018-02-25 (Saved on disk, need to ask Mark Bremmer for permission to re-post.)

SHADERS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-CoolArtDude's Latex shaders, 3 free sets, previously sold for 45$: OFFLINE 2018-02-25 (Saved on disk, need to re-upload)
-Clay render shader:
-About 12 different shaders for V4 BodySuit:
-Over 30 material shaders at:
-About 13 material shaders:
-Dry grass shader at 10Mb: OFFLINE 2018-02-25 (Saved on disk, need to ask Mark Bremmer for permission to re-post.)
-About 19 shaders, some new, some upgraded:
-Over a dozen shaders for diamonds and other gems:
-Yet Another ToonShader for Carrara:
-Six free furs for different animals and a tutorial:
-Four wood shaders and a desk:

TRIAL VERSIONS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Free trial 32 bit:;2
-Free trial 64 bit:;3
-Free trial MAC 64 bit:

PLUGINS: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Sparrowhawke Carrara Plugins has both a lot and high quality plugins. Do not miss the Laboratory with even more plugins:
-Carrara Time Savers - A collection of time savers utilities for Carrara by Philemo
-Alvin Bemars free LightX and FLUIDOS plugins:

SDK: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-The SDK is available in the CarraraCafe downloads.
-Training videos for the Carrara SDK, 6 parts by I Samuel:
-DCG plugins source code:


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