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Can anone point the way to a good Logo tutorial.  I'm thinking something like Mazda, Ford, Target...

If not, maybe a tutorial that would accomplish the same thing.





  • Hi Auggy, this is the only one I've come across - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCNbrLBLE1w 

  • Thanks Wee, I'll give it a look.

  • The videos ok, but how would you do like the FORD handwriting? Projection?
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    It would probably be done using an orthographic projection, at least at the outset. ("Front", "Right", Left, Top views, sort of thing under File, Edit and View.)

    If you have a look at the Scene > Properties pane, each of the three planes ("Floor" plus two "Walls") can have an optional image like a medium-resolution, higher-contrast sketch of the artwork/shape that you want to model. Then you place a primitive (like a flattened square or rectange) against the back wall and you start to stretch/extrude the edge(s) of the primitive outward, to match the layout of your artwork.

    The specific "Ford" logo would present some difficulties because of the large number of curves and the little add-on/doo-dad things like the loops in the letters "O" and "R". Actually the loop in the "F" strikes me as the biggest issue, that is if you were copying that exact style piece. I think Ferrari's "SF" logo presents similar challenges. sad

    I have been wanting to do scripty logo things for a long time, but I keep crashing and burning when I try to send the stuff to DAZ Studio. It's a lot of fun, esp. when you bend the object to fit a curved surface say, but for me it doesn't work.

    Here is a sample string of text, done with a font that I happen to have on my hard drive. I've shown it twice so that you can see the geometry; again this is done with a TTF font and the Text tool in Hexagon. Good luck UV mapping it though!

    Even the tiniest aspects of this -- like the apostrophe -- contain a lot of subtle curves, because I bent the thing a bit as mentioned above.

    (Edit) Oh yeah, here is a Youtube video where the guy has set up the image planes, to model against. (Johnny Bevo link)

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    Of passing interest... first try at making my own letterforms from scratch, in Hexagon. Now if only I could chamfer them! The sans serif letter "i" was the easiest, ha. When smoothed, my first three letters looked a bit "Star Trek"-ky so I put them up in orbit using the Blue Planet model by Aako, downloaded from the DAZ Store. I have never rendered that model before. Some of the "gradient" edge on the horizon and glow techniques etc. were done with postwork.

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