Modular Ruins (Commercial)

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Hi guys..Previews pics for my next release..'Modular Ruins'..first pack includes 50 detailed props,
click the pics for full sized views



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    more pics..

    1300 x 693 - 240K
    1300 x 693 - 299K
    1300 x 693 - 279K
    1300 x 693 - 275K
    1300 x 693 - 365K
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    more pics....

    1300 x 693 - 355K
    1300 x 693 - 302K
    1300 x 693 - 275K
    1300 x 693 - 241K
    1300 x 693 - 308K
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    more images...

    1300 x 693 - 410K
    1300 x 693 - 400K
    1300 x 693 - 249K
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    *Drool!* Want!

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    Oh my. Another "I have to have that" by you.

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    comment seconded.

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    Very Nathan Drake!!!

    And yet another essential purchase from one of the masters :)

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    Ooh! Want.

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    As a wise man once said ...

    250 x 250 - 43K
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    Looks really good. I like this idea, if it does well, would you consider doing the same kind of thing but with modern ruins?

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    Oh mix 'n' match!! Now there's something that can be very useful. :-)

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    Looking great and very useful!

    One very minor critique... sometimes the heavily emphasized joints between stones can be a distraction in an illustration. This can certainly be altered by the end user with lighting and perhaps a little texture editing, or even morphs, but I was wondering if a way of toning down the stone joints couldn't be a feature in future products like this. Perhaps not. Again, it is a minor point. Sometimes the heavily emphasized stone joints are exactly what I'm looking for when putting together an illustration and sometimes not. Note: It is possible you've already done this and I just don't know about it. ;-)

    Good work!

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    I want this like now!

    I would also love something like this but for the streets of asia set and also the urban sets

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    Ooooh yeah.

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    Very impressive sir! :D

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    Awesome looking set. I will have to get it for sure.

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    i didn't want to spoil anymore the contest thread so here is a picture with modular ruins...

    one of the my favorites Stonemasons product of all time by the way...a definetly must for every fantasy pic and...not only ;)

    723 x 1000 - 327K
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    Very nice. Wasted my whole day yesterday and that's a good thing.

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    I got these, and I have to say, they're awesome. :-)

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