Is "Hexagon Revisited" Still Useful?

I'm thinking of picking up the "Hexagon Revisited" product ( with a 70% off coupon. It looks informative but is fairly old; can anyone familiar with these tutorials say if they're still useful? Thanks.


  • Hi

    Why not try Rocket 3F instead.  It's actively being developed and is easier to use 

    I still use Carrara and Daz occasionally but my top 3 for ease of use are Moi3D, Rocket and 3d Coat all of which have free trials and let me make most things in minutes.  I actually have Hexagon somewhere but its too dated to use now.

    Look how fast this is

    Rocket is much the same.  I'm not affiliated to any of these products, just wish such things were about when I started modelling about 10 years ago.

    Best wishes




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    Look how fast this is

    Those are my one off help videos - Occassionally people will PM me and I'll try to help by going through the process rather than writing it down.

    I have not got that video, but it looks like a great deal :)

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    They aren't bad, I mean they at least run through some of the stuff. Never regretted my purchase of "Revisited..." but I have to say that I've found some of the other tutorial-authors useful as well, eg. CG Dreams and Johnny Bevo and E-Z Hexagon and so on. Dreamlight spends a few minutes talking about the normals for example - but in my case I think I still needed the DAZ forums here to point me to certain custom scripts, like the one at and it was in this forum that I got a pointer to Sculptris, which is a different, (and possibly complimentary or parallel) take on object modelling.

    There may also be overlapping terms in the Hexagon Reference Guide - possibly confusing for a beginner. Example: surface displacement modelling; is that the same as displacement mapping? I didn't know (I still don't know!) so I also bought Dreamlight's separate tutorial on displacement mapping, just in case.

    I guess what I'm saying is there may not be a "one stop, one size fits all" documentation and tutorial solution.

    To date I have only watched HALF (guesstimate) of "Hexagon Revisited". After a while I downloaded Blender as well, along with a bunch of tutorials.

    Be aware that buying the Dreamlight tutorials "lets you keep them" eg. you can look at them in perpetuity, all you want... but you can also do that with the Youtube ones as well. That much having been said, I might add that with nearly identical computers and the same browser (Firefox) I have had different results with saving Youtube content. It may be that your results may vary as the plug-ins are not all the same? Not sure.

    Finally, hats off indeed to folks like W.D. John for taking the time to walk us through a few things, yeah.

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    I personally was not able to follow that particular link. But I looked up "sculpting in 3D Coat" and yes, these glossy new programs look like they are hot stuff. (Link is to one of several tutorials, chosen at random).

    This has lead me to a new term: "hard surface modelling". smiley

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    Thanks for the comments, everyone. My coupon expired, so it'll be YouTube videos for me.
  • In that case check out the one by Gary Miller - Project series 1-4.

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    Good to see Hexagon is still being looked at by people, maybe il do a video if there was enough demand.


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    Good to see Hexagon is still being looked at by people, maybe il do a video if there was enough demand.


    Hexagon FTW <3

    Just wish it would stop crashing on me :/

  • I've always enjoyed (and recommended) your tutorials Tez, I have learnt so much from you over the years.

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    In that case check out the one by Gary Miller - Project series 1-4.

    I'll also recommend the Gary Miller Videos.  Free and useful. 


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  • That above YouTube link that didn't work is this video 

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