V3Digitimes So Wet Bundle for Poser...?

For ages I've been trying to find a better solution for getting V4 to look more sweaty and wet, but all the wet skins I've seen are terrible compared to V3Digitimes Wet collection for Genesis 2 and 3 that I seen most of my friends using. So I ask them all the time how do they get the ultra wet and sweaty look and they always tell me either with Octanes special features or they link me to the So Wet Bundle which is only for DAZ...It'[s upsetting because I'd love to use this product but I really don't want to use DAZ at least not yet anyway. Maybe in the future I'll switch to it, but for now I'm content with using what I have. 

I did try the EZSKIN feature which come swith wet bumps and a sweaty feature, but still they can't compete with the V3Digitimes Wet/Sweat Skins which is still superior. I wanted to contact them and ask if they would do a version for V4 most likely they probably won't :/ most vendors who have been doing nothing but DAZ products have turned me down when I asked if they were ever going to make a Poser version of a product I thought would be useful. -sighs- 



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