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I'm trying to follow this tutorial:

But I'm already stuck add the very first steps: Adding a face.

The instructions are: "Initially, you can guide yourself by working from the drawing of the head of face. Create a rectangular face on top starting from Shape Rectangle, then add Mesh Eddit or you can collapse the stack into an Editable Mesh."

So I select "Facet", then I click somewhere on the head of Genesis 2 Female, and I release the mouse button somewhere else, hoping it would create a new face.

However, this doesn't work, it seems to be gone although it shows up in the "Properties" pane on the right side.

I have recorded a video here that shows my attempt:

Could anybody lend a helping hand?

Thank you very much!


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  • Try making the face away from the character., also when you've made the face (four points) press Enter twice, or apply and validate. 

    The way I normally start this type of thing is with a cube, then select a face - Press the letter "I" to invert the selection and Delete, which will give you a simple face.

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    or just make a cube and delete 5 of the sides.

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    Nice to see you here Fisty - How are things

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    Been better, but still alive and kicking..  How're you?

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