How To Revert Saved Files? HELP ME!!!

OMG, I just royally buggered it up. I've worked for months on a model and just as I was exporting the individual pieces to .stl I accidentally saved the file with only one piece. I've lost all my work! Is there some way to revert to a previous save state?


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    So you still have the model but it is one piece ?

    Is it possible to select a face then press Shift and + to grow the selection. If you can do that, you can copy and paste each part one at a time. You may loose the UV mapping, not sure about that.

    Hopefully that will work - I have my fingers crossed for you :)

    If not, did you save the HXN file, if not I think you're out of luck unless you've made a Windows restore point. Sorry :(

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    It's possible you can recover it using a Windows Restore point, as suggested above. This is you best option and the one most likely to at least allow you to regain some of your work.

    It's also possible you could undelete it using something like Recuva (free and great,  have used it many times) if Hex doesn't directly overwrite the file upon saving or it hasn't been overwritten by something else. I'm not sure how Hex's temp file works or if you can recover anything from it, you'll have to ask DAZ and even they may not know.

    If you were saving out individual pieces/objects and are stating that you had deleted all the other objects in the Hex window and the somehow saved over the file, then you're probably screwed. If you are stating that you had welded the object and saved over the file, loosing your individual groups, well you'll just have to recreate them. (I doubt that's the case, since it wouldn't make much sense.)


    Aaaaand... This is why you make backups. I know that doesn't help and it might sting a little bit, but you messed up and some things aren't undoable. For myself, whenever I'm working on a project, I create a directory for it and have a series of save files at appropriate stages. When I'm done, I delete the eary files I don't need and only save the critically important ones.

    Lastly - Don't use autosave. It's just... not a good idea. Never use it. Instead, because it's critical that you may wish to undo something or start over, only save when you feel it's right and always have backups, even if they're hours, minutes or seconds old when compared to your current working file. Now you know why... :(

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  • One of the things I do is to save the  a project in stages, so I have propv1, propv2 etc. This way if I mess up I can always go back a step. I also make back-ups to an extrernal drive, but I should do this more often.

    Thanks for the Recuva tip Morkonan, I'll look into that :)

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    One of the things I do is to save the  a project in stages, so I have propv1, propv2 etc. This way if I mess up I can always go back a step.

    Yeah, I once used a proprietary cadcam application that had no undo. It forced you to do this incremental saving, and save often. The developer worked in the company and I asked him why there was no undo. At first he said he never made mistakes so he though it was unnecessary and followed it up with it was too resource intensive.

  • Nah. I make mess up all the time, my dad used to say "if you have never made a mistake you have never made anything". 

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