Hexagon Running Slowly on one PC, fine on another

I've got Hexgon installed on my i5, Windows 10, 32GB of RAM, which has dual homed displays, one running on the internal Intel graphics and one running on a Nvidia 750ti. It runs like a dog, stops responding... is very slow on screen updates - it doesn't matter which monitor I place it on. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice, with reboots in between. 

My other system, an i7 with Intel Iris graphics and 16GB of RAM, also running Windows 10, runs fine. Screen refreshes are quick, everything is responsive. no "Not Responding" messages. 

And suggestions other than "use it on your i7"... 


  • MorkonanMorkonan Posts: 215

    It's not the processor, necessarily, it's likely issues with the Intel chipset running alongside the Nvidia one.

    Hexagon has several caveats when it comes down to OpenGL. It uses an older OpenGL that has some things that aren't fully supported or have changed in newer versions. So, it can actually run better using older chipsets/cards than newer ones. Your newer, snazzy, chipset is likely having or causing issues.

    I've posted my settings using my NVidia card settings and Hex's preferences to get the most stable performance out of Hexagon in a new computer environment. They're around here, somewhere.. If you can't find them using a search, I'll dig around and repost them for you.

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    I'll see if I can find them. I am inclined to agree with you... having a dual-homed system with both video chipsets active at once is the problem. It is even still a problem with DAZ... makes the CUDA render run in "interactive" mode because the Nvida GPU is driving a monitor, even if I move DAZ to the monitor on the Intel GPU before I start a render... 

    It might help if I just didn't use the Nvidia to drive a monitor at all. I mean, that would absolutely help Studio... but it could benefit Hexagon on that machine too. 


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    Just in case anyone else is reading along. 

  • donovancolbertdonovancolbert Posts: 1,413

    Now, if I'm using this same machine to render - making stability for Hexagon comes at the price of performance for Studio, right? 

    In which case, I'd want to switch configurations between roles I was using the PC for. 


  • Perfect, thanks for the solution guys.

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