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I have reinstalled Poser Pro 2014 to an external hard drive.

It has been a while since I used Poser so I want to ask about the proper location to load content. If I remember right it has to go into the file just previous to the Runtime...

Is that right? Any help is appreciated.




  • BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 1,353

    Thank you, Kerya.

  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,546

    However, if you are installing content from zips files downloaded from DAZ, the runtime folder is not in the root of the archive, but is inside a folder called  Content, so if you unzip it directly into your location, Poser will not find it. 

    To install  mannually, you either need to unzip it elsewhere and move the contents of the Content folder to your runtime location, or open the archive and drag the contents of the Content folder to the correct location...

  • BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 1,353

    Hello again.

    I tested the location by unzipping an item directly to the proper location; in my case it was the file location just above (and includes) runtime. It worked great. Then I used DIM to do the same with an item... worked good to.

    So I am ready to put all my DAZ poser compatiable content into PP 2014.

    Thanks everyone for the help.


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