Carrara Challenge #31 Music For My Eyes

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The challenge this month is to create an image Based on Music

-  The intent is to make a image representing music for you.It could be an image of a band like Black Sabath, The Clash, Men With Out Hats, Josie and the Pussy Cats, It could be and individual playing in a Bar such a local talent or someone like Lenard Cohen. How about Boy Goerge or any of the newer performers. It could also be a portrait of them performing.


The intent is to allow some of the newer users to Carrara to create and display thier artwork from Carrara

-  Feel free to interpret the theme broadly.


Basic rules will be:

1. - Participants must use the Carrara to set up and render the Image. 

2.- Must be Musically based.

3 - Modeling an object is not required but if you have ths skills or desire give it a whirl.

4.- Postwork is allowed, but must not be the highlight of the image.

5.- Images must be new (previously unpublished).

6 - Images must be rendered in Carrara or in an external renderer for which there is a Carrara plug-in (e.g. LuxRenderer, Octane).

7 - At least one WIP (work in progress) image must be posted to the WIP thread.

8 - Screen shot of the scene in Carrara to be included in WIP 

9 - Each participant may submit up to 3 images into the Challenge.

Please note, there is no requirement for the winner to host the next challenge, unless they want to.


We love our wonderful sponsors   heartheartsmiley

Once again Daz will generously sponsor the monthly challenge with the following prizes:

1st Place: $100.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
2nd Place: $ 50.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
3rd Place: $ 25.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
Honorable Mention (4th place): $10.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s) ( may be used for best new comers).

Dates to Remember:

WIP Thread Opens: Tuesday 7 Feb 2017

Entry Thread Opens: Sunday 5 March 2017

Entry Thread Closes/Voting Begins: 12.00 Midnight Eastern Sunday 12 March 2017

Voting Ends: Sunday 19 March 2017


As with the last challenge because we are having up to three images an entrant we WILL judge the winner by their scores combined. ie if their image 1 gets 24 votes, their image 2 gets 12 votes, and their image 3 gets 12 votes then they score 48.

2nd and third and HM would be as per usual - ie based on votes for one image.


Link to the thread in the Carrara Forums .

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    picturing scens from the Flashdance movie, white nights




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    Here is an example created by Headwax


    Sorry this is a rush job. Am on sabbatical...


    Its mainly the ToonPart111 renderer that comes with Carrarara. Its pretty versatile.

    I overlayed a toonpro outline on it in post.


    I used daz bugle and used vwd to melt it on Lukes head. Also daz bongo drums for eyes and a texture I found on the net demonstarting a music font was placed over lukes face texture with an add ? multiplier.

    The clefs over the eyes are a text object.

    Included is the no post and the setup image.

    Title 'The Boy With Bong(o) Eyes'

    If it qualifies would someone mind posting it in the entry thread if that's okay as I will have no internet connection for a while. Thanks :)



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    MDO has created this one based off a Commercial that use to play.

    I may keep playing with the color, but the rendering is done on my first entry"Rock Monster."

    Here's the raw render from Carrara:

    raw render

    This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


    Here's a couple post-worked variations that I Ilike:

    This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


    This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


    Now I have to go model a record store. laugh







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    Stezza has created this one


    Rendered Crater Critters Choir - no postwork

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    As is the intent of these challenges to help us all learn how to do things we may not know how to do.

    Here is a fine example of doing just that with Diomede's post about how the hair was done.

    Elements are almost done.  This custom hair model will be the final piece needed for the musicians.  The hair cap was made in the vertex modeler with zones to part the hair, have bangs, etc.  However, in this case, I just used a single zone.  I used the hair modeler's dynamic drape function and then cut the simple bowl cut style that I wanted. The hair color is based on gradients in the root and tip.  Colors are close to completely black with highlight and shine reduced.  The hair texture kink settng is completely trial and error. 

    For the G2F,

    The skin shader is Ringo's product for G2F Monique, Carrara-specific.

    The face morph is Nidale by Silver

    As always, suggestions welcome.  Especially for the hair and head piece. The head piece was modeled in the vertex modeler.  I used the replicate function (set to circular) within the vertex modeler for the strings of little spheres.  I then rotated each column of spheres to better match the hair.











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    another fine image by Stezza.


    Imagine Life on Mars..... 

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    Entry thread is now open at

    Come to the carrara forum or the link at the top post to see the other images that are being worked on.

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    wah means time is running out

    brewing some chai tea  for oomph

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    If anyone wants a list of entries to aid in voting check the WIP thread I added a text file, zipped, THERE.  It includes all the entries, titles and artists, no renders.

    Come vote... it's always good to have other's views on which they like best.

    Note:  Users vote for Carrara Challenges... they are not voted for like other contests.

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