DAZ PAs Christmas Countdown - Annual Freebies 2012



  • SedorSedor Posts: 1,743
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    Great, thanks Male-M3dia and AntFarm!

  • HeatherleeaHeatherleea Posts: 247
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    Awesome stuff, thank you

  • CymbidiumCymbidium Posts: 213
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    Thank you all!!

  • ghost13ghost13 Posts: 19
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    thank you all again for your generosity, merry christmas and happy holidays to all :)

  • Male-M3diaMale-M3dia Posts: 3,549
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    I got too busy and didn't finish this, but Merry Christmas anyway. ;)

    1000 x 1300 - 1M
  • kloolessklooless Posts: 115
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    Thank you to all the PAs for the wonderful Christmas gifts! Merry Christmas!

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,305
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    Thanks so much for the gorgeous morphs, Male-M3dia and the lovely sled, AntFarm!

  • Roni LoveicyRoni Loveicy Posts: 0
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    thank you to all the PA that gave us their generous time in creating these amazing gifts. Wishing Daz, all the amazing vendors and all you wonderful people a Joyous and Happy day!!!!

    *hugs from WA*


  • HaruchaiHaruchai Posts: 1,100
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    Thanks to all the generous PAs for the wonderful gifts, especially April for heroically stepping in when needed.

  • JOdelJOdel Posts: 5,681
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    Thank you both for the great morphs and sled!~ And thank you all of the PAs this and every year!

    Have a great holiday!

  • AntManAntMan Posts: 1,927
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    Happy Holidays to everyone.
    FYI the sled is an all in one file just drop the FlexFlyer folder in your props folder. Everything is directed to load from there. A DAZ no no but I say HO HO.

  • 3DProclivity3DProclivity Posts: 538
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    I got too busy and didn't finish this, but Merry Christmas anyway. ;)

    You finished the most important parts...oh yeah. ;)

  • SickleYieldSickleYield Posts: 7,460
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • PendraiaPendraia Posts: 2,958
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    Thanks both of you wonderful PAs!

    Merry Christmas everyone! It's 6.30am Christmas morning here in oz...

  • Aneet ProductionsAneet Productions Posts: 60
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    Thank you all for the wonderful gifts. Have a Merry Christmas.

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 16,233
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    I hope everyone has some time off work or school to play some more with all these great gifts. Happy holidays. I look forward to more renders here, even after the giveaways come to a conclusion.

  • XandoryXandory Posts: 139
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    Big thank you everyone and Merry Christmas!!

  • ADAD Posts: 395
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    Thank you to everyone of the vendors and Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,872
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    Thanks to all the PA's who've given us such superb freebies this year.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  • atryeuatryeu Posts: 610
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    In case I forget tomorrow, thank you to all the PAs who gave goodies this year! :)

  • azoohouseazoohouse Posts: 614
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    Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  • DzFireDzFire Posts: 1,467
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Here's wishing everyone only the best.

    Dz & Family

  • StorypilotStorypilot Posts: 1,622
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    Merry Christmas, everyone, and thank you all the generous PAs!

    Made this quickly, really like the sled!

    1000 x 562 - 298K
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  • MAJourneyMAJourney Posts: 1,392
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    PA CC Freebie mix
    Adorkable Christmas -- Enjoy it however and wherever you want!

    Used:3DProctivity' AlienHeazds and Scaling preeets
    AntFarm's Flex Flyer
    AprYSH's Ciri Hair
    DestinysGarden's Ciri Hair textures
    DzFire's Xmas Train
    Maclean's Kids' Playground
    Orestes Design's Super Epic, Most Awesome Xmas Tree
    SickleYield's Winter Gown
    vycktohria's Always A Lady Poses

    Sorry I couldn't use them all. And sorry for the bad positioning of the teddy i tossed in.

    398 x 614 - 277K
  • AprilYSHAprilYSH Posts: 1,329
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    Merry Christmas!!! There are two gifts for our final day!

    The very lovely 12 Piece Toon Props Set presented by DivabugDesigns!!!
    Toon Props Download: - http://www.divabugdesigns.com/Xmas2012/bugXMAS2012.zip
    assets in obj, pp2 format
    DivabugDesigns' shop: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/DivabugDesigns


    Some cute Supplemental Textures for Toy Piano and Seat presented by 3djoji!!!
    Textures Download: - http://www.3djoji.be/Free/3djoji_BabyPianoTextures.zip
    assets in mc6, pz2, dsa and jpg format
    3djoji's shop: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/3djoji

    And their cards below :lol:

    1000 x 676 - 185K
    500 x 650 - 115K
  • AprilYSHAprilYSH Posts: 1,329
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    And that's not all!!!

    From all of us DAZ PAs, best wishes for 2013!!!

    Thank you all for joining us on our Christmas Countdown. :lol: DAZ have kindly set up a $1 coupon (I believe it's good till end of xmas day or maybe even up to new year's eve) good for each item of DAZ Original* item in your cart. Plus, the following PAs have had their items added too, so coupon can apply to their items: SickleYield, samc, David Brinnen, DivabugDesigns, optitex (Martin), zigraphix, 3DProclivity, DzFire, maclean, Horo, Orestes Graphics, ThespiSis, vyktohria, AprilYSH, 3djoji, DestinysGarden, and DAZ3d* :lol: (* certain items don't apply for various reasons, such as gift certificates and special promo items, reasons which I'm not privy to.)

    The coupon code is:

    Once again, thank you all for following along and thank you for your support this past year!!! :lol:

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 10,697
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    Oh my, more presents! THANK YOU!

    And thank you April for maintaining this thread and making it fun!

  • Jeanne MJeanne M Posts: 651
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    Thank you all for your wonderful gifts and thank you April for all your work you did besides your gift :)

    Merry Christmas everyone and the best wishes for 2013!!

    Love, Jeanne

  • hermana5hermana5 Posts: 0
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    Merry Christmas April you have been a great help so big thanks.

    Thanks also to everyone who has kindly given to us this Christmas i hope the new year fulfills your wishes.

  • IppotamusIppotamus Posts: 1,511
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    Yes April, thanks for sharing your holiday time with us.
    You are very kind. :)

    Happy Holidays!

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