Chablis for Genesis/V4 question??

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Hey all! I seem to have posted like a million times today, but oh well. I had a question. I bought Chablis for Genesis/V4 and the issue I have is that when I click the full character for Genesis, the texture is added, but for the morph (each time it says it's missing). Do I need to get Evolution morphs for genesis or some other thing? It didn't list that on the product info or in the requirements....
PS: I also uninstalled it and re-downloaded it and installed it and it still didn't work....

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    not had that problem, but i do have the evolution morphs.... so that is likely the issue

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    It doesn't say it needs them...but it does need the Morphs ++ for V4, so I'd imagine it does need *something* for Genesis.

    What's the exact wording of the error message? (if you can't grab that, the info should be in the log file...)

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    I had the same thing happen to me with Stefan for Genesis. Turn out I was missing the M4 shape for Genesis, which it used. I don't know if Chablis needs V4 shape for Genesis, but that may be something to look into.

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    i don't have the Gen 4 shapes for Genesis, just Evolution and Creature morphs, and Chablis works fine for me

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    Has anyone noticed that when rendering Chablis in Reality 2.5 there is a line on the neck. It's very noticeable....

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    are you talking about a seam line? I don't know how to fix that in Reality. but in 3Delight, you might have luck assigning all the skin to the same sub surface group.

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    If you have "collect textures" checked in Reality output section, you need to set slider to full size to avoid that seam line

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