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Found a tutorial on making your own HDR/EXR files for lighting in Iray (and may work in 3Delight as well). 

How to Create a Custom HDR Studio Map

The tutorial is using Photoshop and I'm pretty sure it only works in Photoshop Extended. It didn't work in my version of Photoshop (not extended). It does work in the version of GIMP at this website address tho (which also has the Nik Filters built into it). Thanks to Knittingmommy for the heads-up for this version of GIMP :). You'll want one of the GIMP 2.9.5 64-bit versions. The process is pretty much the same in both programs only how one goes about it in each is different. I made the one in this image in GIMP and exported as an .exr Hope you find this useful :) Have fun!


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    Adding to the HDRI list I have...


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    @AllenArt  Ah, right back at you!  I just spent about an hour playing with this in GIMP!  Such fun.  While I knew that GIMP 2.9 handles .exr files because I've been using it lately for compositing those Iray canvas layers, I didn't even think about using it for something like this!  Thanks for sharing.  Here are a few test runs.  The last one I did without the background Dome Off as it had too much yellow in it so that black background is actually from saving as a .jpg and not part of the HDR.


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    Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool. Good stuff! :D


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