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Hi all,

my name is Erich. I have been using Daz for quite some time now for my illustrations (look at www.drakken.de and go to 'portfolio' if you are interested) - but only in a really basic way. That means i made some basic renders and painted over those.

Right now i am building my first prop for DAZ (http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/11166). After modelling is finished i will have to dig deeper into Daz Studio to get good promo renders, which is really important for me, because i tend to have many softwares laying around that i am never going to master, because i do not have the time to really go beyound the basics. For instance zBrush - i should play with it around either, but unfortunately a day has only 24 hours :)

I am no native english speaker, so be warned :)

Attached is an image from my portfolio as an example - all hand painted. My goal for the near future is to become better in 3D - especially DAZ / Poser and Modo.

i wish you all the best.


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    Welcome to the DAZ forums Erich. You have a great looking portfolio. ;-)

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    Thanks Miss B. I am glad that you like it!

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    Second Miss B. Great portfolio indeed. From fantasy illustrations I liked these: old room, the rescue, queen Ra Kenai. Also from concept art: space port, the library, and the creatures. From the sketches I liked: the forest. The calling is just breathtaking. Love the perspective. I'd very much like to see that one colored And the battle. Wonderful work all around. :)

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    Thanks Llena :)

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    Hello. Nice Image! ....and welcome! :)

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    Hi Jasmine and thanks :)

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