Help: Custom Conforming Clothing Distorting Severely with "Fit To"

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I've created a genesis figure with a number of custom modelled morphs, then modelled a tank-top in Cinema4D, using the morphed Genesis figure as a guide.

I imported the tank-top into DAZ Studio 4.5, rigged it with the Base Genesis Figure (no morphs) using the Transfer Utility, then saved the tank-top as a wardrobe piece.

The tank-top fits perfectly to my custom Genesis character until I conform the clothing using "Fit To". It's as if the clothing is taking on all the Genesis morphs - which I don't need (I've already modelled the shirt perfectly to the Genesis morphs).

Am I missing something? Is there a way that I can make "Fit To' work without taking on the parents figures morphs?

Thanks in advance

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    tysus said:
    using the morphed Genesis figure as a guide

    That's your problem, when working with genesis pretty much everything has to be done with the default shape, otherwise you need to use reverse deformation on everything, which can leave you with some rather undesired results.

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    You can probably get around the problem by selecting the shirt - go to parameters tab - actor - select show hidden then dial down to zero the auto generated morph or morphs. They will be set at 100% so you can spot them easily.

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    You could do that, but it still leaves the underlying problem, and that is it's completely useless if you want to use it with any other Genesis shape as it will only ever fit that one morph.

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    Thanks so much for the responses!

    After all the messing around trying to get the clothing to fit to my morphed figure, it probably would have been faster just to model it from the base genesis female figure, lol.

    At least now I know, and became fairly familiar with some of the other content creation tools DAZ Studio has to offer.

    Thanks again!

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    Yup... Been there done that and wasted a huge amount of time. :( I limit myself now to modeling from either basic genesis or basic genesis female. I make sure I export my form with 0 morphs (got to watch some of those that autoload like leg fix, hip fix and feet fix). Then when fitting... same deal... make sure you are back to 0 on everything except for genesis basic female if applicable.

    I have a very nice bodysuit for V5... now deemed good for nothing. And it is a VERY good one or IOW, lots of time into it.

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